Kang Gyeong-nam, who has been working for 20 years on the Korean Tour, “My goal is to win 15 times until retirement”

“My goal is to win 15 Korean tours.”

Kang Gyeong-nam (40), who entered the Korean Professional Golf Association (KPGA) Korean Tour in 2004, is a byword for persistence, never losing a seed.

Kang Kyung-nam, who is celebrating the 20th anniversary of his debut on the Korean Tour this year, played in 237 tournaments until last year and passed the cut in 195 tournaments.

Kang Kyung-nam, who has maintained his seed every year, has never been outside the top 50 in the Genesis prize money list, and the probability of top 10 is about 40%, or 93 times. His total prize money earned in Korea is 3.87586 billion won. 

Kang Gyeong-nam said, “I wasn’t lazy.” He said, “I always maintained a steady amount of practice. Also, there was no such thing as a ‘slump’. There was a lot of help around me, and the psychological stability thanks to my wife and two daughters after marriage was a great strength.” 

Kang Kyung-nam has won the championship 11 times so far. He reported his first victory at the ‘Tomato Savings Bank Zephyros Open’ in 2006, and achieved 10 wins for the 8th time in his Korean Tour career at the ‘Pearl Savings Bank Kaido Men’s Open’ in 2017. 

His most recent win is the 2021 ‘Biz Play Electronic Newspaper Open’. It was worth it because it was a long-awaited victory. 카지노

Kang Kyung-nam said, “Looking back on my 11 victories, winning the ‘Biz Play Electronic Newspaper Open’ is the most memorable.” 

Kang Kyung-nam, who is training in the United States, said, “The goal for 2023 is to win. There are not many players in their 40s active on the tour, so it will be more meaningful if we win.” I want to,” he said.