‘Joint 2nd place match’ Samsung Life laughed… beat Shinhan Bank and climbed to 2nd place alone

Samsung Life Insurance took second place alone.

Yongin Samsung Life Bluemings won 86-73 in a match against Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 Women’s Professional Basketball Regular League Incheon Shinhan Bank Sbird held at Yongin Gymnasium on the 12th. Samsung Life Insurance, who recorded 4 consecutive victories with the victory on this day, became the sole second place with 15 wins and 10 losses, and Shinhan Bank, which ended its 4 consecutive wins, ranked third with 14 wins and 11 losses.

Bae Hye-yoon made a big success with 26 points and 9 rebounds. Lee Myung-gwan also added 14 points and 9 rebounds. At Shinhan Bank, Sonia Kim scored 19 points, but it had nothing to do with the team victory. 

A tight flow continued at the beginning of the first quarter. Samsung Life Insurance countered Shinhan Bank by accumulating points centered on Lee Hae-ran and Bae Hye-yoon. Samsung Life, which continued a fierce game, began to take the lead with Lee Myung-gwan’s 3-point shot in the middle of the quarter. After that, Samsung Life, with Bae Hye-yoon and Lee Myung-gwan’s continued performance, took a 26-20 lead in the first quarter.  안전놀이터

At the beginning of the second quarter, Jo Soo-ah’s 3-point shot exploded and Samsung Life widened the gap. When Shinhan Bank counterattacked with Goo-su ​​and Lee Hye-mi’s consecutive goals, Lee Hae-ran blocked it with a 3-point shot. Afterwards, Samsung Life took advantage of Shinhan Bank’s weak attack and escaped with a double-digit gap, finishing the first half 46-33 with Jo Soo-ah’s free throw and Kang Yu-rim’s goal at the end of the quarter. 

Following Bae Hye-yoon’s free throw at the beginning of the 3rd quarter, Kang Yoo-rim made a 4-point play, and Samsung Life widened the gap even more. Shinhan Bank’s counterattack led by Han Chae-jin and Kim Jin-young faltered for a while, but Samsung Life Insurance, which immediately regained its flow as Bae Hye-yoon exploded, continued its lead. Samsung Life, which continued to widen the gap amidst the performance of key players, finished the third quarter 69-50. 

Samsung Life widened the gap by more than 20 points with Lee Myung-kwan’s 3-point shot at the beginning of the fourth quarter. Shinhan Bank also counterattacked to the end with Kim Jin-young’s consecutive goals and Lee Hye-mi’s 3-point shot. At the end of the quarter, Samsung Life Insurance was chased by 11 points, but Shin Iseul’s decisive 3-point shot broke out and practically seized the victory. That’s how Samsung Life Insurance defeated Shinhan Bank’s pursuit and won the final victory.