“It’s the WBC in March, but you’re changing your form?”… Japanese guardian deity candidates, full of questions even if they shoot 155km

“March is the WBC… ”

Ohta Taisei (24) of the Yomiuri Giants, who set a new record of 37 saves, the most by a rookie in Japanese professional baseball last year, threw a 155km fastball from his first actual appearance in spring camp. However, it seems that restraint is not everything. The change in pitching form is showing a gaze full of questions.

On the 12th, Taisei took the mound in the Yomiuri Giants’ own practice game and recorded one hit and no runs in one inning. According to ‘Nikkan Gendai’, Taisei’s highest speed on this day was taken up to 155 km.

However, the media paid attention to Taisei’s batting style. The media said, ‘I allowed a good hit to the lead hitter Masuda Riku and it became a straight hit for the third baseman. Following this, he threw a fastball measured at 155 km to Kato, a training player in the 3rd division, but it became a heavy hit. He explained the contents of the pitching that day, saying, “I blocked it with no runs without a follow-up hit.” 

Taisei said, “I thought it was okay to hit today, and I threw with an emphasis on the process rather than the result. When he played, he was still a bit lacking,” he said. 

The media paid attention to the change in Taisei’s pitching form that day. The media said, ‘Last year, he recorded 37 saves, the most for a rookie, but decided to change the pitching form being studied. There is a purpose to increase redemption,’ he explained. 안전놀이터

However, an official from the batting team who watched Taisei’s change that day watched with a questionable gaze. In an interview with the media, this official said, “It is said that it is a form modification to increase speed after 155 km, but it was captured by both Masuda Riku and the fostering player. Obviously, it was not the feeling of 155 km.” It is a challenge to change the form when there is a WBC in March,” he said. 

The change of Taisei, a candidate for closer of the Japanese WBC national team, is still a question mark in the local area. An official from Yomiuri added, “Many people are saying that it is lacking, and if it does not go well, there is a possibility of returning to last year’s form at some point.” 

Meanwhile, Japan, which belongs to Group B of the WBC along with Korea, China, the Czech Republic and Australia, will start a training camp in Miyazaki from the 17th.