“It’s going to be a pretty tough game”… ‘Fate’ on Ohtani’s shoulders, and ‘heaviness’

 Shohei Otani (LA Angels) of the Japan national team, who is running toward the goal of winning the World Baseball Classic (WBC), strengthened his resolve ahead of the decisive match against Italy.

Ohtani will be on the mound as a starting pitcher in the 2023 World Baseball Classic Quarterfinals (quarterfinals) against Italy, which will be held at the Tokyo Dome in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo on the 16th. Coach Hideki Kuriyama said after practice at the Tokyo Dome on the 15th, “From now on, another fight begins. Tomorrow is a really important game. Ohtani will be the starting pitcher.”이브벳 토토

Ohtani’s appearance against Italy is his last appearance in the WBC. Coach Phil Nevin recently revealed in an interview with the local media that Ohtani’s quarterfinal match will be his last appearance in the WBC. The reason is that Ohtani is scheduled to start as a starting pitcher in the opening game of the major leagues.

On the 9th, Ohtani climbed the mound as a starting pitcher in the first match of the Group B group stage against China and threw a fast ball of up to 160km. In 4 innings, 49 pitches, 1 hit, 5 strikeouts, no runs were shown. His performance on the mound was good enough, but he shined even more at the plate.

Ohtani got off to a good start with 2 hits, 2 RBIs, 1 run and 2 walks in 4 at-bats against China, and 2 hits, 1 RBI, 2 runs and 2 walks in 3 at-bats against Korea, and 1 hit, 1 RBI, 1 run and 1 walk in 3 at-bats against the Czech Republic. Marked. And against Australia, he hit a three-run gun with a batting speed of 184 km and a flight distance of 140 m. As a result, he won the ‘MVP’ title in the first round of Group B.

Ohtani is determined to continue his good performance in the first round against Italy. In an interview with reporters after training at the Tokyo Dome on the 15th, Ohtani said, “I couldn’t figure out exactly which players were coming from Italy. However, there are many players from the minor leagues and major leaguers.” However, I will work hard while minimizing 1 point and 1 point.”

In the first round, the maximum number of pitches was 65, but increased to 80 in the quarterfinals. Ohtani said, “Not only me, but Darvish and Imana are equipped with a good pitching team. There is a pitch number rule, but I think we can win enough if we throw while blocking one by one.” If you do, you will be able to overcome it.”

In the first round, they recorded all four wins, but from the quarterfinals, the match can end in one round. Japan plans to engage in an all-out war by appointing Ohtani and Darvish as bullpens.

[Japan’s Ohtani is starting in the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) match between Japan and China held at the Tokyo Dome in Japan on the afternoon of the 9th. Photo = Tokyo (Japan) Reporter Yoo Jin-hyung zolong@mydaily.co.kr]