It was an alternative to Richarlison… The ransom price ‘97.3 billion → 116.2 billion’ came out on the market

FC Barcelona put Rafinha (26) on the market.

Rafinha has scored 6 goals and 11 goals each in two seasons at Leeds United since the summer of 2020. Last season, in a situation where Leeds struggled with relegation, he showed his true value and retained the team.

Of course, the stock price went up. Tottenham and Barcelona desperately wanted Rafinha. Tottenham sent a strong love call, but after being rejected, he embraced Richarlison.

he was a handshake Tottenham spent 58 million euros (84.2 billion won) on Richarlison, who has only scored one goal in 24 league games this season. It is rated as the worst signing of the season. It is being discussed as a candidate for release.

On the contrary, Rafinha, who chose Barcelona rather than Tottenham, scored 7 goals and 6 assists in 31 league games this season. Considering the fact that 10 games were substitutes and the fierce competition for the starting pitcher, he played an active role that lived up to expectations. was on the verge of winning.

Barcelona will have to tighten their belts ahead of the new season due to financial problems. The sale of some resources is inevitable. Hafinya is one of them.

Spain Sport reported that “Barcelona has decided to listen to the offer to sign Rafinha.”

According to the media, Barcelona did not prioritize the sale of Rafinha in the first place. Hafinya herself was also reluctant to leave, but has had a change of heart in recent weeks. Because of this, the situation changed rapidly.

A number of teams are currently interested in Rafinha. It is said that the story is going in this direction as the player and his agent prefer to return to England.토토사이트

Barcelona plans to listen to an 80 million euro (approximately 116.2 billion won) scout offer. Both teams, Chelsea and Newcastle, have indicated that they want to start official negotiations immediately. Barcelona will also come.

In the past, Barcelona spent 67 million euros (97.3 billion won), bringing Rafinha from Leeds, plus 58 million euros + 9 million euros in bonuses. If the sale is successful this time for an amount of more than 80 million euros, you will get a big financial profit.

Barcelona would love to hand Rafinha to a high-priced team, but the final choice rests with the player. The key is which team presents conditions that will appeal to the taste buds.