Is Pilseungjo more powerful than JJJ? A seismic shift created by ‘Lefty Plenty’ 

 “The key is to use a left-handed pitcher.”

The KIA Tigers are in the process of spring camp in Tucson, Arizona, USA. Director Kim Jong-kook is deeply troubled.

KIA looking higher this season. There are many hidden variables. From the home room created by Park Dong-won’s departure, he must fill a spot in the corner infield and outfield. The good news is that all of these positions have a competitive system established. The results of the competition are expected to come out naturally while digesting the spring camp training and practice game, and the schedule of the demonstration game that will follow.

The problem is the bullpen.

KIA boasts a rich bullpen depth comparable to that of the starting staff. In addition to the back door where guardian deity Jung Hae-young is holding out, there are plenty of pitchers who can fill the position of Pil Seung-jo at any time, such as Lee Jun-young, Jeon Sang-hyun, Kim Dae-yu, Park Jun-pyo, Yoon Joong-hyun, Kim Jae-yeol, Choi Ji-min, Kim Yu-shin, and Ko Young-chang. It is not easy for Jang Hyun-sik to join the opening entry due to elbow surgery and rehabilitation, but there are plenty of resources to fill the vacancy. 메이저놀이터

What stands out is how to use the left-handed pitcher. Last year, KIA Lee Jun-young took on most of the roles of left-handed bullpen agents. Kim Jeong-bin, who was brought in by trade from SSG Landers, also contributed, but not to the extent of attaching the modifier ‘perfect’. In the midst of this, the bullpen competition intensified with the addition of Kim Dae-yu, a high-level bullpen agent who joined Park Dong-won as a reward player, and Choi Ji-min, who achieved restraint and improved his control in Geelong Korea of ​​the Australian Professional Baseball (ABL).

This year’s KIA Pil Seung-jo combination is expected to play the role of guarding the door, with Jung Hae-young at the peak, and Jeon Sang-hyun as last year. However, it is true that Jeon Sang-hyun also has a memory of being shaken in the second half due to elbow pain last year, so there is a question mark attached to whether he will be active in the new season. Depending on the situation, it may be a situation where the structure of the Pilseungjo group needs to be changed. Among them, the possibility that left-handed bullpen pitchers, who are considered to be of high quality, will receive a chance cannot be ignored.

Following the practice game with the WBC (World Baseball Classic) national team, KIA will play two real matches with NC to finish the schedule in Arizona. On the 24th, he moved to Okinawa, Japan, and started the second spring camp schedule focused on actual combat. During this period, it seems that we can see what kind of combination coach Kim is thinking of.