“Inflammation is severe…it is difficult to warm up” Hyundai E&C’s worries looking at Yasmin’s waist

The regular season is running far beyond the second half, but I am deeply troubled. 

Yasmin, the main gun in charge of Hyundai E&C’s offense, has been withdrawn from the court for a while since the last match against Pepper Savings Bank on December 18 last year. The cause is a herniated disc. 

Veteran Hwang Yeon-joo has filled the vacancy of Yasmin, who left for treatment and rehabilitation due to an indefinite injury. In the beginning, it seemed that even without Yasmin, she was able to overcome it well with her ‘local power’. However, the vacancy of Yasmin, who was supporting Hyundai E&C’s bold attack, was quite large. Hwang Yeon-joo, who is doing well, also mentioned in an interview after the game that “Yasmin’s gap is felt.”

Until the beginning of this year, Hwang Yeon-joo held up well. He did not miss the top 1 spot all the time and even ran the road to 5 consecutive victories. 

However, ahead of the All-Star game, the physical strength of the domestic team was noticeably depleted. On the 20th and 24th of last month, it was impossible to avoid two consecutive losses against GS Caltex and Korea Expressway Corporation. 

Currently, Hyundai E&C is still at the top of the league with 57 accumulated points, but Heungkuk Life Insurance in the second round is closely following with 54 points and only 3 points. If you fall into a losing streak again in the remaining games and Heungkuk Life Insurance wins a streak, you can no longer keep first place.

On the 2nd, a club official who spoke to the magazine said, “It is not the time to discuss returning Yasmin because her back is not in good condition. The shoulder that was injured last time is fine, but the back is inflamed again, so I can’t even do a light warm-up.” He voiced his concerns.  스포츠토토

Rumors of a mercenary replacement also spread. However, Hyundai Engineering & Construction expressed its position that it would be difficult to break up with Yasmin. 

The club said, “Alternative mercenaries are also in mind. According to the Korean Volleyball Federation (KOVO) regulations, if you provide a medical certificate for more than 4 weeks, a substitute mercenary can play for only 2 months.” I’m worried about working with the players during the season, first of all, the person (Yasmin)’s intention is important and I’m worried in many ways, and I’ll make an official statement sooner or later.” 

It’s time to make a decision, but Yasmine’s role so far is too big. Last year, the season was suspended due to Corona 19, and this season is Hyundai E&C, which faced a crisis in front of its nose due to Yasmin’s absence. 

Meanwhile, Hyundai E&C will play the 5th round against GS Caltex at 7:00 pm on the 2nd at the Suwon Indoor Gymnasium.