“I’m still confused”…Lotte fan heart that made April 2023 unforgettable for Na Kyun-an

“I’m still confused. Thanks to the fans, I was able to receive such a big award.”

Lotte Giants Na Gyun-an won the KBO league MVP for April. During the month of April, Na Kyun-an recorded 4 wins in 5 games (tied for first place) and an average ERA of 1.34 (fourth place). He faithfully fulfilled his role as a starting pitcher, averaging more than 6 innings with 33⅔ innings. In the five games in which Na Kyun-an started, the team won all of them. The reason why Lotte was able to rise to the top spot alone in April was impossible without Na Kyun-an.

In an interview with reporters ahead of the match against Doosan held at Sajik Stadium on the 9th, Na Gyun-an said, “I was really confused. I am still confused. I have never received such a big award in baseball, the April MVP. “I think it served as an opportunity to grow as a pitcher. It’s been a month since I gained confidence while pitching,” he said. “My colleagues congratulated me a lot. In particular, coach Bae Young-soo clapped for me once before the pitching team meeting. I gave it and started,” he said, thanking his colleagues.

He continued, “It’s not because I pitched well, but because of my teammates. There were many big games in the games I pitched in. Catcher (Yu) Gangnam hyung and fielder seniors helped me a lot. Also, behind me was (former) Seungmin hyung, (Kim Kim) hyung. ) There was a good result thanks to Wonjoong hyung comfortably blocking it well.”

He also didn’t forget to say thank you to his fans. Na Kyun-an’s rise to MVP in April would not have been possible without an enthusiastic fandom. Na Kyun-ahn won 11 votes (37.9%) out of a total of 29 votes from the reporters. On the other hand, it fell behind NC Eric Peddy, who was the most likely April MVP candidate, with 17 votes (58.6%). However, this was overturned in a fan vote. Out of 392,071 fan votes, he received 154,139 votes (39.3%), beating Pedi, who received only 48,106 votes (12.3%). In terms of total score, Kyunan Na scored 38.62 and Pedi scored 35.45. 

Na Kyun-an said, “In fact, after the fan voting started, people around me sent me a lot of fan voting certifications. Actually, I didn’t expect much. The thing I am most grateful for is the fans. Thanks to the fans, I was able to receive the MVP,” he laughed.토토사이트

Also, he laughed, saying, “I can receive it because the fans voted for me and gave me a lot of love rather than what I did well. Also, since my grades are good now, I think the baseball field is hot whether it’s home or away.”

Na Kyun-an First of all, I am going to forget about April and prepare for a new May. Coach Bae Young-soo also said to Na Kyun-ahn, “April is over and let’s start again with the opening game. Let’s start again from the beginning.” In fact, on the 3rd, his first appearance in May, he was knocked out early with 5 runs in 4 innings against Gwangju KIA, and the team’s 9 consecutive wins were also cut off.

He said, “First of all, I couldn’t throw the first game in May. In the end, I didn’t prepare much. I have to accept and reflect on that part. Since there are many games left to do, I’m not conscious of it and focus on the present, preparing better in the future.” I will do it,” he said vigorously.