“I’m sorry to my father” The story of Park Sang-woo stealing tears

Konkuk University captain Park Sang-woo showed off a great play in front of his father.

Konkuk University won 83-48 in the match against Sangmyung University in the 2023 KUSF University Basketball U-League held at the Konkuk University Global Campus Gymnasium on the 2nd.

With the victory that day, Konkuk University ran for 3 consecutive wins, stepping on the 50% win rate (4 wins, 4 losses).

Senior captain Park Sang-woo of Konkuk University recorded 5 points, 6 rebounds and 3 assists in 29 minutes and 50 seconds, performing 토스카지노 like Altoran in the offense and defense.

Park Sang-woo said of his victory, “The players gathered their hearts and followed well, and the coaches worked hard. I am grateful to my fellow players, coaches and coaches.”

When asked about the secret of his 3 consecutive victories, he replied, “We know what we are lacking in, hold video meetings and listen to a lot of stories from our coaches. I think we were able to win 3 consecutive victories while supplementing those areas.”

Head coach Hwang Jun-sam expressed regret over the performance of the Konkuk University team after the recent match against Chosun. And Konkuk University succeeded in changing the atmosphere with a great victory at Sangmyung on that day.

Park Sang-woo explained, “The coach said that there are no weak teams among the teams we meet. .

Prior to the match, I was able to hear an interesting story from the Konkuk University coaching staff. That Park Sang-woo’s father personally visited the stadium. Park Sang-woo’s father, who is usually in China on a business trip, visited the Konkuk University match site that day and saw his son’s college stage match for the first time.

Park Sang-woo, who wiped away tears for a while when the story about his father came out, said, “My father went on a business trip to China, so I usually stayed with my mother. My mother always said that I should do better for my father. I wanted to, but maybe because I was conscious of it, it didn’t work out even better. I’m sorry I couldn’t show my father a better side of me.”

With this victory, Konkuk University was tied for 4th place with 4 other teams. In order to win the playoff ticket given to the 8th place, one game, one game is inevitably important.

Park Sang-woo said, “As the coach and coach said, I think we should treat every game as the final. There are many times when we hold a 10-point or 20-point lead and shake in the 3rd quarter. We call it the 3rd quarter, but how do we overcome that? I think it’s important whether we do it or not. I want to play the game while being more united among the players.”