“I’m not interested” Son Heung-min, who is blunt, has already entered North London mode

Son Heung-min (Tottenham Hotspur) showed a reaction that he did not care about his opponent Arsenal’s run for first place.

Tottenham will play the 20th round of the English Premier League (PL) in the 2022-23 season against Arsenal at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, England at 1:30 am (Korean time) on the 16th.

Currently, Tottenham (33 points) is in 5th place with 10 wins, 3 draws and 5 losses. It has been in the top 4 all the way, such as fighting for the lead at the beginning of the season, but suffered a sharp slump and was pushed back to 5th place.

However, in the match against Crystal Palace in the last round, he provided an opportunity to rebound. Harry Kane played an unchanging performance, and Son Heung-min also tasted a goal in 9 games. In addition, the defense team, which had been preemptive for 7 consecutive games, also blocked it with no goals.

Tottenham’s next opponent, who succeeded in reversing the atmosphere, is league leader Arsenal. So far, they have only lost one game and are holding on to the top spot.

It is an unwelcome picture for Tottenham, a long-time rival who fought for 4th place last season. Also, since they lost 1-3 in a head-to-head match in October last year, they have debts to pay.

It is also a match that neither team can concede. Tottenham, competing for fourth place, meets Manchester City after the game against Arsenal. There is also a risk of falling into a losing streak at a critical point.

The same goes for Arsenal, who must keep the lead. After the match against Tottenham, we will play against Manchester United in the league and then meet Manchester City in the FA Cup. If not, the uptrend could be severely curtailed.

Son Heung-min, who said he was sorry for the team during the scoreless period, was ready to lead the Arsenal hunt. British media ’90min’ reported on the 10th (Korean time), “Son Heung-min gave a blunt answer when asked about Arsenal having a good season.” 카지노

When asked if it was difficult to see Arsenal’s progress, Son Heung-min said, “Honestly, I’m not interested.”

He replied, “We lost the last away game to Arsenal. We have a lot of tasks to do to play a good game again.”

Son Heung-min said, “I think many fans would have been disappointed when we lost to the Emirates Stadium. That’s why we have to do something big at home,” and vowed revenge.

At the same time, he said, “Every player must be ready to throw his body,” he said.