“I thought Sonny was dead” Son Heung-min’black and white photo’ again on Tottenham’s SNS… Fans ‘rage’

Reporter So Bom-i = A black and white photo of Son Heung-min was posted on the official social media account of Tottenham Hotspur, the English professional football Premier League (EPL), and it is controversial.

Tottenham posted a black and white photo of Son Heung-min wearing a Tottenham uniform on the club’s Instagram on the 8th.

In the photo, Son Heung-min was sweating and his gaze was directed downward. Tottenham added only one framed emoji to the photo without any explanation.

Fans at home and abroad who saw this photo went wild. In the case of black and white photos that are usually uploaded on social media, it is because they contain the meaning of mourning or praying for the deceased.

If you look at the posts posted by Tottenham earlier, only pictures of Bill Nicholson, the best coach in Tottenham Hotspur club history, and football emperor Pele have been uploaded in black and white. Both black and white photos were for the purpose of commemoration.

Accordingly, fans began to comment on Son Heung-min’s black-and-white photo post. Korean fans said, “What do you mean by suddenly uploading a black and white photo? Even if you delete it, be sure to explain it”, “Is England racist like this?” Sonny posted a black and white photo. Can’t you see the fans are surprised?” 카지노사이트

Foreign fans also reacted similarly. They said, “Why black and white photos? Change them to color”, “I was shocked to know Sony was wrong”, “Don’t you know what black and white photos mean”, “Don’t surprise fans with photos like this”, “Sonny is I thought he was dead” and “Is this Tottenham’s racism?”

Previously, Tottenham was hit hard in September 2021 by posting a black-and-white photo of Son Heung-min.

At that time, only Son Heung-min was tagged without any special explanation, and it was difficult to know the exact intention, so fans who misunderstood that something bad had happened to Son Heung-min were criticized.