“I refused at first, but…” The winning captain, who cried on crutches, once again!

I refused at first, but in fact, I was forced to take over again (laughs).”

SSG Landers Hanyusum wears the captain’s armband once again. SSG coach Kim Won-hyung asked Hanyu Island to take over as captain again ahead of this season. Hanyu Island laughed, “It’s actually forced. I was notified.” At first, I refused. I asked if it would be better for another player to do it. He asked, so I replied, ‘Then I understand. I’ll do it,’ and I did it.” In fact, it’s the same as any team, but the captain’s mission is more important than you think. Team captains can’t just focus on their own baseball. It is a role to encourage while watching the atmosphere and flow of the entire team. Occasionally, sensitive players even refuse the position of captain. Because it can be overly stressful.

Hanyu Island said, “Actually, looking back, I don’t think there’s anything that difficult, but it’s not that comfortable. Isn’t there a lot of things to be concerned about? Also, it’s because I’m a style that I’m very nervous about.” “I think I was stressed because I was trying to do well,” he said. “I was able to finish last year well thanks to the help of my players and colleagues. he asked.

Hanyu Island, who won the Korean Series MVP during the SK Wyverns in 2018 and was nicknamed ‘crybaby’ for crying out loud, cried again after confirming the championship last year. Of course, there were twists and turns. He suffered a tear in his hamstring during a base run game in Game 6 of the Korean Series, which confirmed his championship, and was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. Then he came back on his crutches and celebrated his victory with his teammates. I cried again to the extent that the promise of “I will never cry even if I win this time” was colorless 카지노. They were tears of joy. Even when his colleagues’ ‘beer shower’ poured out, he grumbled, “What are you all doing to patients?”

Fortunately (?) that game was the last of the season, and I was able to focus on rehabilitation after that. Hanyu Island said, “Now I’m fully recovered. The most important thing is to improve my condition at the spring camp. It’s winter now, so the weather is cold, so I couldn’t run 100%, I only did 70-80%. thought,” he said.

If you can win again as captain, you probably won’t be ashamed of being nicknamed ‘crybaby’. Hanyusum said, “Of course, I have a desire to win. Whether we are pitchers or fielders, there are many evaluations around us that our power is lower than last year, but no one thought that we would win the ‘Wire to Wire’ last year. Long and short You have to look at it,” he said. “We prepared well even in the off-season, and so many players came out and worked hard at the baseball field. I don’t have a personal goal,