“I have to say hello”…Yang Hyeon-jong-Benjamin, Texas relationship season 3

The relationship between Yang Hyeon-jong (KIA Tigers) and Wes Benjimin (KT Wiz), which was connected across the sea. It’s tight this year too.  

KT Wiz Park in Suwon on the 4th, where the first match between KT and KIA in the 2023 KBO League regular season was held. Around the time KT home team coach Lee Kang-cheol was briefing reporters, several KIA players who arrived at the stadium greeted the coach. 안전놀이터

Coach Lee handed over to Lee Eui-ri, who came first, “Congratulations on your first win of the season.” Eui-ri Lee, who had criticized the contents of the game (5 innings, 3 hits, 6 walks, 3 runs), smiled awkwardly.  

Then came KIA ace Yang Hyeon-jong. After asking about the player’s physical condition, head coach Lee Kang-cheol gave a request to “take good care of him.” Yang Hyeon-jong will start in the second game of three consecutive matches on the 5th.  

Yang Hyeon-jong, who was returning to the expedition dugout, suddenly smiled brightly. Seeing Benjamin warming up and returning from the home team’s bullpen. Yang Hyeon-jong welcomed him, saying, “I have to say hello, hello.” The two players soon hugged and talked a lot for a while.  

When Yang Hyeon-jong played on the American stage as a member of the Texas Rangers, he and Benjamin ate rice together. When KT recruited Benjamin as a replacement for existing foreign player William Cuevas in the middle of last season (2022), Yang Hyeon-jong also gave a good evaluation.  

Benjamin is evaluated as an A-class foreign player in terms of learning Korean language and Korean culture, and his affinity. In the opening game against the LG Twins held on the 1st, he showed perfect pitching with 2 hits and no runs in 6 innings and became the winning pitcher.  

Hyeonjong Yang and Benjamin met on the same ground this season as well. Last season, it was misfired, but it is expected that a starter match will be held someday.