I had a sweet dream… Arsenal fans ‘cancel family trip’ for ‘intuition to win’ → ‘cancel’ the championship

Arsenal fan’s heartbreaking story unearthed.

Arsenal’s win was virtually frustrated. Arsenal lost 0-3 to Brighton & Hove Albion in the 36th round of the English Premier League (EPL) in the 2022-23 season held at the Emirates Stadium in London, England at 0:30 am (Korean time) on the 15th. Arsenal failed to catch up with Manchester City (85 points) in first place with 81 points.

It was sleepy. Although Brighton has grown into a ‘dark horse’ enough to aim for the European competition this season, it was an opponent that Arsenal had to catch in order to rise to the top of the league. However, Arsenal completely gave up their momentum to Brighton in the second half, and eventually had to accept a shabby 0-3 result at home.

‘Captain’ Martin Odegaard also admitted that winning the championship became difficult. “It’s hard to accept. I don’t feel good right now. Especially in the second half, the way we played, I honestly don’t know how things went. I’m hopeless right now,” he said in a post-game interview.

Just a month ago, Arsenal’s return to the top seemed to be visible. At the time, Arsenal were eight points ahead of Manchester City, having played one more game.

but it got messed up Arsenal are winless in four matches, starting with a draw against Liverpool on April 10th. In the meantime, he suffered a 1-4 defeat to Man City, and gave the lead to Man City, who had steadily accumulated points. Manchester City are currently on an 11-game winning streak.

As Arsenal walked away from the trophy, a fan’s sad story came to light again. The British ‘Sports Bible’ reported on the 15th, “An Arsenal fan canceled his family trip to see the team he supports win the league.”

Here’s the story. A fan who runs Arsenal’s YouTube fan account, ‘Latte Firm’, said on his SNS in February, “About a year ago, my wife and I booked a family trip to Mauritius on May 26.”토스카지노

He boldly decided not to go on this trip. It was to see the moment of victory directly. “I recently realized that Arsenal’s last home game was against Wolverhampton on May 29th. I had to cancel my vacation. My wife is upset and I am too scared to go home. Pray for me,” he said. revealed the heart

The results were disastrous. He was left with his wife without ever winning an Arsenal title or traveling with his family.

Still, he did not give up hope. “It’s unfortunate that the season is over, but there are so many positives about next season. We will continue to improve this summer and we will be back for a great challenge in 2023-24,” he said after the match against Brighton next season. promised victory.