I don’t miss Puig… That’s why you admired “He was like a World Series shortstop”

Last year, Kiwoom broke expectations and vomited the spirit of winning the runner-up in the Korean Series. In particular, even after finishing the regular season in 3rd place, they defeated LG in the playoffs, and in the Korean Series, they played a great game with SSG up to the 6th game. Although it did not bring home the first Korean Series championship trophy, it was still a meaningful season.

There are many factors that motivated Kiwoom to finish runner-up in the Korean Series last year, but the power of foreign hitter Yasiel Puig also played a big part. Puig, who recorded a total of 132 homers in the major leagues, drew attention from the time he joined Kiwoom, and played an active part in the regular season with a batting average of .277, 21 homers, and 73 RBIs, and in the postseason, he set off Kiwoom’s fall blast with his performance in homeruns when it was decisive. led토스카지노

But now Puig is not at Kiwoom. After the end of last season, Puig was accused of perjury for illegal gambling in the United States, and Kiwoom eventually gave up on renewing the contract.

Kiwoom’s new choice was somewhat unexpected. That was the comeback of Edison Russell. Russell is a player who played for Kiwoom in 2020. However, the fame of shortstops from major league all-stars did not continue in the KBO league. Russell, who appeared in 65 games, struggled with a batting average of .254, two homers, and 31 RBIs. Nevertheless, Kiwoom chose to reunite with Russell again.

Kiwoom watched Russell explode with a batting average of .348, 24 homers, and an OPS of 1.120 in the Mexican League last year, and he was confident that he would show a different look from 2020.

So far, the atmosphere where Kiwoom’s choice hits the mark. It is also evident in the home game in Gocheok on the 20th, when Kiwoom defeated Samsung 6-1. Russell raised his season batting average to .340 by recording multiple hits with 2 hits in 3 at-bats, 1 RBI and 1 run at bat.

Kim Hui-jip, who played in many games as a shortstop last year, came out as third baseman that day and watched Russell’s hobi. “The bare hand catch I showed in the ninth inning was really cool. It was like a shortstop in the World Series. I think I would have caught it with a glove,” said Kim Hwi-jip, who laughed and admired, “Originally, he has a very good catching ability, so I’m trying to learn from that.”

From the heightened sense of hitting to the Hobi Parade proving his major league all-star career. Kiwoom no longer misses Puig.