Guard and forward Ki Joo Ki, who will lead Chung-Ang University, Kyung-Min Lee and Doo-Jin Kim

Lee Kyung-min (185cm, G) and Kim Doo-jin (198cm, F) are preparing for their university stage debut wearing Chung-Ang University uniforms.

Chung-Ang University held winter training in Uljin-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do. Along with physical training, he refined his strength by holding practice games with high school teams. During the training period, a number of injured players came out among the students, and some new students received many opportunities to participate in practice games. Among them, Lee Gyeong-min and Kim Doo-jin, who worked together at Gyeongbok High School, were included.

Lee Joo-young, who took over the captaincy in 2023, asked who is the expected player among the freshmen, saying, “If I had to pick one, it would be Kim Doo-jin, who is getting a lot of opportunities. He adapted quickly while running together, and he got along with us very quickly,” he said. If we match well by February, we expect Doo-jin to become a good weapon for our team.”

Lim Dong-eon also said, “I am Kim Doo-jin. He also has outside abilities compared to his physical condition, and his position is similar to mine, so it would be okay if we talked well when playing together.” Hyung-woo can use more strength in defense, and Kyung-min is better at reading,” said Kyung-min Lee and Hyung-woo Hyun.

These three freshmen received many opportunities in practice games during winter training.

Gyeongbok High School visited Uljin-gun and had a series of practice games with Chung-Ang University. Gyeongbok High School coach Lim Seong-in explained what kind of players Lee Gyeong-min and Kim Doo-jin were, who were his pupils until last year.

“Lee Kyung-min was a point guard at Kyungbok High School. When that friend caught the ball, there was a sense of stability. He plays 2-on-2 well and creates good shot opportunities. In college, you have to look at your self-attack and make up for your weak strength. If you have strength, more than your ability comes out. He works hard with weights and is not good at shooting, but he has to improve through his own efforts. Basketball is pretty and easy. Even if you don’t have a big order, you can lead by yourself.

His style is different from Yoo Hyeong-woo. I think he is a more aggressive player, and Lee Kyung-min focuses more on leading. He is weak for being an extrovert. He has to change his personality too. He does it without great difficulty, but when he is greedy, he does it if he does it. He can play a game only when his special one comes out. He won’t be bad at running the game. He is quick to notice. He has a good passing sense in a 2-on-2 play with the center.

Doojin Kim lacks a lot. His athleticism is good, but he is stubborn. He plays as a shooter and has to throw shots, but he’s too hit and miss to get in. He tries to play basketball very hard. If you change this, you can play smart. He told me that when he goes to college he shouldn’t be like he is now. If he has a kidney, he must know how to use it. He puts in a lot of effort, but he is greedy, so it would be nice to put it down.

(University) There are many things to see and learn in the first year. He has a good height, but he needs to make use of it. He’s either overworked or has showmanship, so he needs to fix that. Integrity is important. Knowing that, you should get used to it. I am worried about that.”

Lee Kyung-min played in 27 games in 2022, excluding weekend league regional competitions, and recorded an average of 16.2 points, 5.5 rebounds, 10.3 assists and 3.3 steals, including a double-double with points and assists in 14 games. His stats show that he excels at saving his teammates’ scoring opportunities.

Kim Doo-jin missed a lot of games because of an injury. There are even two games where the playing time is less than 10 minutes, so it does not stand out in the record with an average of 14.2 points, 7.2 rebounds and 1.5 assists. However, in the Weekend League King of the Kings, he showed his scoring ability by raising 20 points in 4 consecutive games.

I met Lee Gyeong-min and Kim Doo-jin during winter training in Uljin.

When asked about his impressions of winter training, which he first digested in college, and why he chose Chung-Ang University, Lee Kyung-Min said, “I like the hyungs, the coaches and coaches do well, and I seem to get along well with my classmates, so I’m training in a really good environment.” “I graduated from Chung-Ang University. A lot of players are pros, and there are many things to learn from the older brothers, so I entered Chung-Ang University,” he replied. I came in well because I was working hard to catch up,” he said. “I chose Chung-Ang University because I pursued the fast basketball that I like, and because Park In-woong and Moon Ga-on were selected in the draft, there was a vacancy in the forward position, so I could be of help at the forward. “I was satisfied with my admission to Chung-Ang University.

We asked about each other’s strengths that matched breathing at Kyungbok High School.

Lee Gyeong-min said, “Kim Doo-jin is tall and has good mobility, so he can join the fast break, can play both inside and outside, and has a wide range of activities when defending, so he is a fighting player who helps the team in both offense and defense.” “Lee Kyung-min is versatile and good at passing. He likes BQ, so he is good at giving instructions from moment to moment. When he was in high school, he sprayed the pass well when he played 2-on-2, so he was a good player,” he replied.

Kyung-Min Lee sometimes works with Hyung-Woo, his motive for admission, and sometimes has to compete with him.

Lee Kyung-min said, “It’s the same position as Yoo Hyeong-woo, but I didn’t really think about it. He didn’t think I was great, he just thought it would be nice to run with him. Hyung-woo is also good at assisting, and I think I am, so it would be nice if the two of them matched their breath.”

Kim Doo-jin said, “I never played in a game against Jeonju High School because of an injury in high school. When we played sports together in middle school and played games, Hyung-woo is good at defense. When he played the game, he showed good passing work so that he was not pushed back compared to Kyung-min in passing or reading.” 온라인카지노

Now, he is about to make his college stage debut.

Lee Kyung-min hoped, “I want to grow while learning under his older brothers and become a player who leads Chung-Ang University to the championship by becoming a key player in the 3rd and 4th grades.”

Kim Doo-jin said, “The priority is to help the team a lot while digesting a lot of games as a starter at Chung-Ang University. If the opportunity arises, I would like to present the winning trophy to my brothers, classmates, and coach,” he said. I was looking forward to college life.