‘Good English’ Kim Min-jae… no italian acclimatization

Napoli’s main goalkeeper, Napoli Meret (25), praised Kim Min-jae. It turns out that the driving force behind his success from the first year without an adaptation period is his efforts to quickly resolve language problems.

In an interview with ‘Kiss Kiss Napoli’ on the 10th (Korean time), when asked if she spoke English with Minjae Kim, Mere said, “Yes. Minjae Kim can speak a little Italian.” “We need a lot of words when we communicate. No. Because we understand each other and Kim Min-jae knows important Italian.”

Kim Min-jae left Beijing Guoan, China in August 2021 and wore a Turkiye Fenerbahce uniform.

In October of that year, Turkiye Pache NPV Sports said, “Kim Min-jae started language training,” and “I am taking Turkish and English lessons, and I am especially trying to improve my English skills.”

After transferring to Napoli ahead of this season, he is focusing on Italian as well as English this time. In September of last year, coach Luis Spalletti praised in an interview after the match against Lazio in the 5th round of Serie A, “I remember Min-jae Kim muttering and memorizing Italian words on the first day of training with our team.” As a result of learning English and immersing themselves in the local language at the same time, they are quickly adapting to Turkey and Italy.

Meret praised him, saying “Kim Min-jae is a fantastic player. He has made himself a player who can run right away and he is having a great season.” 메이저놀이터

This season, which marked the fifth season in Naples, the team has participated in all 21 games and is leading the run. He was well-received for collaborating with Kim Min-jae, scoring no runs in 11 games.

In an interview that day, when asked about his performance, including keeping 11 clean sheets, he said, “It’s a team effort, and it starts with the striker. We try to keep our opponents away from scoring opportunities as much as possible. It gives me peace of mind,” he said.

Closer to the Scudetto, Napoli will face Eintracht Frankfurt in the round of 16 in the UEFA Champions League.

“The road we’ve built is a wonderful one that we didn’t expect,” Meret said.