‘Futures ERA 1.02 → First selection of the season’ Lee Hak-joo’s legacy, 7 runs including home runs, 2 innings 

 Choi Ha-neul (Samsung), who traded for Lee Hak-joo (Lotte), left a disappointment with a pitch that fell short of expectations in the first start of the season. 

Choi Ha-neul, who got a chance to start by showing off 2 wins and an undefeated ERA of 1.02 on the Futures stage, dropped her head with 7 hits (1 home run) and 1 walk and 7 runs in 1⅓ innings against Changwon NC on the 20th. 

He wasn’t good from the start. In the first inning, he was hit by a double that passed the height of the left fielder to Son Ah-seop, the first batter. He threw Park Min-woo into center fielder, but was beaten by Park Gun-woo with a left-handed two-run arch. 

Choi Ha-neul, who gave up a walk to Jason Martin, induced Kwon Hee-dong to fly to the left field and earned the second out count. Soon after, he allowed Park Se-hyeok a double to left center. Martin dug into the home. Choi Ha-neul finished the first inning with a ground ball after Kim Joo-won, who continued with 2nd out and 2nd base. 토토사이트

In the second inning, Do Tae-hoon’s heavy hit and Seo Ho-cheol’s double to left field forced Choi Ha-neul, who was in danger of getting second and third base safely, to allow Son Ah-seop to sweep the double. He handled Park Min-woo as a fly ball, but Park Kun-woo gave up one more point with a timely hit to the left. 

The Samsung bench placed left-hander Heo Yun-dong on the mound instead of Choi Ha-neul. The changed pitcher, Heo Yun-dong, gave Martin a double in the left field for the first batter. 1 company 2nd, 3rd base. Kwon Hee-dong gave up one point on a sacrifice fly to center fielder. With this, Ha-neul Choi’s earned run increased to 7 points. /what@osen.co.kr