From 23 to 40… A living legend, the only WBC record challenge

Miguel Cabrera, who announced his retirement from active duty at the end of this season, will challenge the record at the WBC (World Baseball Classic) in March. He could be the only player to ‘perfect attendance’ from the first tournament in 2006 to this 5th tournament.

Cabrera announced on November 29 last year (Korean time) that he would retire after the 2023 season, the period of his contract with Detroit. Cabrera signed a 10+2 year contract ahead of the 2014 season. This year is the last year of this 10-year guarantee contract. He announced his intention to retire and declared that he would compete in the WBC once again wearing a Venezuelan jersey.

Just half a year ago, Cabrera thought he would not compete in the WBC. He refused to participate, saying that even during the All-Star break, the WBC would give other Venezuelan juniors a chance, saying he would help his juniors as a ‘mentor’. However, he changed his mind after the season.

Thanks to this, he set a record of 5 consecutive appearances in the WBC. Cabrera competed in every WBC from the first in 2006, when he was 23, to the fourth in 2017, when he was 34.

Cabrera said: “I know it’s been a long time since the last WBC. The wait is over. I know the talent of the Venezuelan players and coaches. I am proud to wear a Venezuelan jersey with them 메이저놀이터. I will always be with my Venezuelan colleagues and , I will help and support them in every way. I will be happy to do whatever role the coach wants and will be a strength to our team.”

Cabrera was the American League MVP for two consecutive years in 2012 and 2013, the Triple Crown in 2012, All-Star 12 times, batting average 4 times, Silver Slugger 7 times, 3088 hits (25th all-time), 507 homers (27th all-time) It is a living legend recorded. Now look at the history of the WBC.

Meanwhile, in addition to Cabrera, Venezuela has outfielder Ronald Acuña Jr. (Atlanta), second baseman Jose Altuve (Houston), shortstops Andres Jimenez (Cleveland) and Miguel Rojas (Miami), first baseman Luis Arraes (Minnesota), catcher Salvador Perez (Kansas). City) and other all-star beasts.

The WBC’s best finish is a semi-final. Except for the 3 tournaments in 2013, they all advanced to the 2nd round, and in 2009 they reached the semi-finals before losing to Korea and getting eliminated at the threshold of the finals.