Former Celtic ST “Even with Oh Hyun-gyu, it’s not a starter, Japan’s Furuhashi is the best”

Frank McAveny, who played for Celtic in the past, predicted the position of Oh Hyun-gyu (21, Suwon Samsung).

Oh Hyun-kyu is heading to Celtic. On the 23rd, Britain’s ‘Sky Sports’ said, “Celtic and Suwon have agreed to the transfer of Oh Hyun-gyu for 2.5 million pounds (approximately 3.8 billion won). Individual negotiations with the player have also been completed, and the whole process will be completed within a few days.”

Oh Hyun-kyu moved to Scotland for a transfer during the Lunar New Year holiday last year. He has undergone a medical test and is currently in the process of finalizing his transfer. The Suwon club said, “We decided to make an official announcement at the same time as Celtic. The official will come out around this evening.”

Oh Hyeon-gyu is from Maetango, a youth club in Suwon, and was a key player on the team last season. He scored 13 goals in 36 league games, ranking 7th in goals and 1st in the team. Oh Hyun-kyu accompanied the Qatar World Cup as a preliminary list, although it was not the final list. Celtic initially sought to recruit Cho Kyu-seong (Jeonbuk Hyundai), but turned their attention to Oh Hyeon-kyu.

Suwon initially persuaded Oh Hyeon-gyu to stay. However, Hyungyu Oh had a strong will to advance overseas. He had already solved the military service issue at Sangmu, so there were no obstacles. Celtic also pushed forward with the recruitment by continuously raising the transfer fee, and Suwon eventually decided to send Oh Hyun-kyu for 3 million euros 메이저놀이터.

According to England’s ‘Football Insider’, McAveny predicted Oh Hyun-kyu would not start as a starter. McAveny said, “Even if Hyun-kyu Oh comes, Kyogo Furuhashi (28) will be the starting pitcher. He gives a lot to the team. He creates space for midfielders through his movement. That’s why he is the best.”

Furuhashi wore a Celtic uniform in the 2021-22 season after playing an active part in Vissel Gobae. In his first season in the league, he scored 12 goals in 20 appearances, and this season he has already scored 17 goals. The position is also the frontline striker where Oh Hyun-gyu plays an active role. Oh Hyun-kyu is an opponent with whom he must compete unavoidably.