“Even if you’re close to Lebron…” LAL trying to protect the lineup, not interested in FA Irving?

Where will Irving’s future be decided?

‘The Athletic’ Dallas Mavericks reporter Tim Kato talked about Kyrie Irving’s future on the 1st (Korean time).

Dallas ended the season early, not even reaching the play-in tournament as expected. With the Western Conference playoffs in full swing, the Dallas club’s biggest concern is the summer draft and the opening of the transfer market.

The most attention-grabbing thing is the course of Kyrie Irving, who is also eligible for free agency. Irving, who received an annual salary of $38 million this season, is considered the biggest free agent this season along with James Harden, who is eligible for a player option.

Irving has been rumored to transfer to the Lakers since last summer, when trade rumors arose strongly. Even now, there are eyes that Irving will choose the Lakers as a free agency destination.

One of the biggest reasons why Irving’s move to the Lakers is being discussed is his relationship with LeBron James. The brightest moment in Irving’s career so far was when he won a championship with LeBron in Cleveland. Even when Irving was traded out of Brooklyn in February, Lebron was known to support his move to the Lakers.

However, according to reporter Kato, the Lakers are not keen on signing Irving as a free agent.

The Lakers restructured the team by acquiring D’Angelo Russell, Rui Hachimura, Jared Vanderbilt, and Malik Beasley instead of Irving at the trade deadline, and they are enjoying the freshman effect. Beyond the play-in tournament, they defeated No. 2 seed Memphis and advanced to the second round.

For the Lakers, who have a small salary cap, other players will inevitably have to move in order to take Irving. However, the Lakers want to keep their current key players.토스카지노

“No matter how close Kyrie Irving is to LeBron James, the Lakers have no interest in signing him as a free agent,” Kato said. I have to say goodbye,” he said.

On the other hand, Irving’s team, Dallas, is optimistic about his retention. After Irving stays, if the combination with Luka Doncic can be maximized, Dallas’ next season may be different from this season.

Reporter Kato said, “The Dallas front is optimistic about the possibility of re-signing Irving, who will be a free agent. Dallas is hoping to find a way for Irving and Luka Doncic to coexist on the court for a long-term partnership.” said.

Since the playoffs are not over yet, there is no serious talk about Irving’s future. What choice will Irving, the largest free agent, make?