Even if it’s not Son Heung-min… Lee Jae-seong and Oh Hyeon-kyu, European goals ‘Pungpung’

Our soccer players
are active on the European stage .  It really was a goal feast. Lee Jae-sung scored his first multi-goal in the German Bundesliga , while Celtic’s Oh Hyun-kyu scored his debut goal. This is reporter Kim Tae-wook. [Reporter] Lee Jae-seong, who stole the ball with strong pressure , succeeded in scoring with concentration until the end . He got through the ball fight in the air and scored his second. It is the first multi-goal recorded in two years after advancing to the German Bundesliga 메이저놀이터 . Lee Jae-sung has scored 4 goals in his last 4 league games . He is showing off his best scoring sense among European footballers . With six goals this season, he is second in scoring for his team, Mainz . Mainz won after 3 matches . The protagonist of the victory was Lee Jae-seong. After the game, the fans chanted Lee Jae-seong [sound sound] “LEE LEE LEE”

He approached the stands with a humorous look and  enjoyed the victory with the fans. Oh Hyun-gyu,

who moved to Scotland Celtic,  reported his debut goal. It has been four games since his European debut on January 30th . After the match, he held a hot ceremony to celebrate his victory . The audience also moved along with Oh Hyun-kyu’s movements . Oh Hyun-gyu said that he was able to adapt quickly thanks to Son Heung-min’s help . Son Heung-min asked Hyun-kyu Oh from his colleague Joe Hart, who transferred to Celtic after playing together at Tottenham . [Postecoglu / Celtic Manager] “For strikers, goals are a stimulus. We are giving Oh Hyun-kyu a chance to prove himself.” Oh Hyun-gyu, who scored a goal in 4 appearances, succeeded in making a soft landing on the European stage and laid the foundation for a new leap forward . This is Kim Tae-wook from Channel A News.