“Euijo will be disappointed if I give up the Iksu ball”…the teacher’s promise

 FC Seoul coach Ahn Ik-soo (57) expected a reunion with Hwang Ui-jo (30).

Seoul had a rough year last season. He promised to take a leap by pursuing the ‘Iksuball’ that leads the game with his unique pass football and organic movement, but suffered a crisis due to injuries and poor scoring ability. Seoul won the final match against Suwon FC and finished 9th, fortunately avoiding the promotion playoffs (PO).

We are committed to leaping forward this season. Recruitment is also active. They strengthened their attack by recruiting Lim Sang-hyeop, Willian, and Hosam Iesh, and also embraced Park Soo-il, Lee Si-young, and Kwon Ahn-gyu. On the 4th, it was a short-term contract for 6 months, but the national team striker Hwang Eui-jo joined and predicted a rebound. Seoul, which conducted the first battery training in Hua Hin, Thailand from the 8th to the 29th of last month, will conduct the second training in Kagoshima, Japan from the 6th.

Director Ahn, who met with reporters before leaving the country, said, “The fans will have expectations. There will be support, but I think it’s our job to repay the fans. Kagoshima is the final stage of preparation.” 메이저사이트

Regarding the recruitment of Hwang Eui-jo, “I did not have any special concerns, and I saw Ui-jo for the first time in Seongnam. At the time, he joined Seongnam as a priority nomination from Yonsei University. I think the professional look that Joe has and his appearance as a national representative will be a good message for his team. Fans are worried about their condition, but if they show good performance while being with us, we can convey a greater meaning.”

He continued, “I didn’t talk about scoring because I thought Uijo would be burdened. I think I do a lot of thinking on my own. I think I will put more effort into it because I have to show it within 6 months. We are working on a plan that can produce the best effect, such as a combination with Ilyuchenko.

Director Ahn also revealed his thoughts on ‘Iksu Ball’. Coach Ahn expressed his will, saying, “Euijo will be disappointed if Seoul gives up the soccer style they are pursuing now.”