“Euijo-hyung, let’s score double-digit goals” Na Sang-ho’s wish

“Let’s score double digits and go.”

On the 6th, Na Sang-ho revealed the goal of the 2023 season of Hwang Ui-jo and the team through an interview ahead of FC Seoul’s departure for the second field training in Kagoshima.  

Seoul announced the rental recruitment of Hwang Eui-jo on the 5th, the day before the field training. After spending the first half of the season at Olympiacos as a member of Nottingham Forest in the Premier League, he returns to Olympiacos on loan and moves to Seoul to spend the season for five months.

Na Sang-ho, who played an active role with Hwang Ui-jo in the national team, is now starting a new season with Hwang Ui-jo as captain. 

Na Sang-ho said, “First of all, I prepared well with the players from the first Thailand field training, and I prepared well in the second Kagoshima, and I also matched my tactics well and my hands and feet well. I want to create a football that everyone can enjoy together.”

He continued, “(Hwang) Uijo-hyung builds a good body so he adapts well to the football we can play together, and I hope that I can help Uijo-hyung along the path he wants to go by improving his condition well for 6 months.” Cheered. 메이저놀이터

The two players, who have been breathing in the national team, are now eating a short but one pot meal in one club called Seoul. When he heard that they had a conversation right before the transfer, he said, “First of all, he asked me to help him adapt well because he said he didn’t know many players on the team, but in fact, I think he’ll adapt well on his own.” said.

He continued, “I think Uijo will show a lot of good things to the juniors, so I hope the juniors follow that well and raise their competitiveness a lot.” 

Na Sang-ho also expected striker Hwang Eui-jo to have decisive power. He said, “First of all, he is a very good player, so I believe that he will make up for the point that we have not scored many goals.” 

He said, “I hope they put in as much as possible, but as long as we have a positive attitude, we want to keep going in the top ranks or in the top ranks and achieve the goal of reaching the top split until the end.” Let’s go!” he said.