‘Don’t worry about Romero’s vacancy’ 2G 9 innings, 1 run, Moon Seung-won’s response suitable for selection

 Don’t worry about leaving Romero?

SSG Landers right-hander Seung-Won Moon (32) is making good strides toward the opening as a starting pitcher full of a sense of stability. 

On the 24th, he pitched in the 2023 exhibition game against the KIA Tigers at the Gwangju-Kia Champions Field and pitched 5 innings with 4 hits, 1 walk, 4 strikeouts and 1 run.

He threw 69 pitches and checked all of his pitches. He had a 145km fastball (20), two-seam (16), slider (17), curveball (12) and changeup (4). 

After putting Kim Seon-bin on a walk after two deaths in the first inning, Socrates and Hwang Dae-in hit consecutive heavy hits and conceded runs. After that, until the 5th episode, I caught an outcount without any danger. He handled follow-up batters without faltering in the 3rd inning without a run and the 5th with no run on first base. 안전놀이터

In the demonstration game against Lotte on the 16th, following the good pitching of 4 scoreless innings, he pitched a comfortable pitch as a starting pitcher. 

Moon Seung-won prepared as a starting pitcher in the spring camp. He was also the subject of selection of the winning group. It was because the back door power was not reliable. 

However, Eni Romero, who was expected to be the first starter, withdrew due to a shoulder injury during the actual spring camp. Moon Seung-won was automatically confirmed as the starting pitcher.  

He underwent elbow ligament surgery in June 2021 and returned in the 2022 season and contributed to the championship by playing an active part in the back door. This year, he starts as a starting pitcher. 

After the game, Moon Seung-won expressed his satisfaction, saying, “I am satisfied that I can pitch in various situations today. I tried to throw from unfavorable and advantageous ball counts, and by using all types of pitches, I raised my sense of practice.” 

“Today, as a starting pitcher, I tried to throw long innings. Also, paying attention to the timing fight with the batter and trying not to give a straight hit led to good results in the last Lotte game and today’s game,” he explained the secret of good pitching. 

Finally, he also set a task, saying, “I pitched more than 50 pitches for the first time in a while. It felt difficult when I exceeded 50, but I will continue to adapt until the regular season.” 

Manager Kim Won-hyeong applauded, saying, “Seung-won did his part as a starting pitcher and showed a good performance following the last game. It’s positive.” /sunny@osen.co.kr