“Disaster, frustration” Germany coach resigns after shock first group stage exit with South Korea draw

Germany women’s national team coach Martina Posteclenburg appears to be in for a shock.

The Germans showed a better side of themselves than they did in the first round of the tournament, demolishing Morocco 6-0. Perhaps lulled into complacency by the victory, Germany began to crumble. After a 0-2 loss to Colombia, Germany needed to beat South Korea to advance to the round of 16. A win for Morocco would have jeopardized Germany’s chances.

South Korea’s desire to win against Germany was more intense than Germany’s desire to create a miracle against South Korea. Coach Colin Bell’s decision to play younger players to improve the overall mobility of the team was key.

The last two games have exposed a problem with South Korea’s ability to dominate a game and then not be able to get back into it once it starts to fall apart. After the loss to Morocco, Bell criticized his players for their competitive spirit.

In response, Bell brought in Casey Eugene Fair (2007) and Chun Garam (2002) in the attack and midfield, respectively, to increase mobility. The bold decision to bring in younger players and increase the pressure caused Germany to panic early on.

In the second minute of the first half, Ji So-yeon played an exquisite pass to Casey Fair. She had a golden opportunity, but her shot hit the post. South Korea took advantage of the goal to take the lead.

In the fifth minute of the first half, center back Lee Young-joo made a quick move to a high position and created a crack in the defense. The German defense completely missed Cho So-hyun for a moment. Cho calmly finished Lee’s pass to give South Korea the lead. It was the first goal in World Cup history for the Korean women’s soccer team.

After the goal, Germany harassed South Korea with high crosses. While they managed to equalize in the 42nd minute through Alexandra Pope, Germany relied too heavily on crossing patterns. South Korea’s players were more proactive and had a little bit of luck on their side, including a goalie assist, to secure the draw.

With Morocco’s upset win over Colombia, Germany dropped to third place in the group and failed to advance to the round of 16. It was a moment to remember.

After the game, Posteclenburg said: “In the end, our performance was not good enough in the three games. I just want to get away from my emotions and be alone. We need time, at least tonight. We need distance and then we need to put our heads together. We need to analyze it properly and draw the right conclusions,” he said, sounding emotionally shaken.온라인카지노

“We didn’t compete from the start, we didn’t act the way we wanted to, we were too static against an opponent who defends deep, and then it’s difficult to take action and find scoring chances. We need to be clearer to win matches. You have to be lucky, but you can’t rely on luck alone,” he said about the loss.

“We have to accept the fact that we were eliminated. The fact that we didn’t progress is not wrong. From a sporting point of view, when people say it’s a disaster, it’s hard to refute. It’s disappointing, it’s frustrating. Twice.