Coach Lee Ki-hyung’s promise, “I’ll show my fans how to run until the end”

Seongnam held the launching ceremony for Seongnam FC for the 2023 season at 4:00 pm on the 18th at Seongnam City Hall Onnuri Hall. The ceremony was attended by owner Shin Sang-jin, guests, players and club membership members, youth players and parents, general fans, and officials from the Seongnam Football Association.

The launch ceremony, followed by introduction of guests, entrance and introduction of coaching staff and players, congratulatory remarks by owner Shin Sang-jin, congratulatory remarks by Seongnam City Council President Park Gwang-soon and other members of the National Assembly, flag presentation ceremony, and release of the slogan for the 2023 season (SPREAD YOUR WINGS Together with Change, Endless Challenge), was held by coach Lee Ki-hyung. The first part ended with a departure speech.

Coach Lee Ki-hyeong first greeted the fans who attended the launch ceremony, saying, “I am very happy and honored to be able to meet the fans as the coach of Seongnam FC.” Coach Lee continued, “The team was first convened on January 12 and conducted the first, second, and third training. In the first training, after convening the players, a lot of player composition and physical training were conducted. The second training was held in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We focused on creating team tactics through tactical training, physical training, and practice games,” he said, talking about the results of the first and second winter training camps.

In addition, “In the 3rd training, while practicing in Namhae, we did a lot of training to improve the level of perfection in terms of tactics and physical strength. When we first met this season, the most important part while preparing the team was forward pressure and attack. I began to build a team with the importance of transition and defense transition speed. I think the players must have been physically more difficult than I thought because all physical training, tactics, and game management have been operated within this framework.” gave direction.

Seongnam was relegated to K-League 2 last season and is having a hard time with various incidents surrounding the club’s finances. Coach Lee, aware of this situation, is nonetheless looking at promotion.

“At the beginning of this season, there were many changes in players and a lot of new players were recruited, so there was a difficult situation. Owner Shin Sang-jin and the fans sent generous support and support, so the players cheered up and made a good team. We are preparing for this year thinking that promotion is our goal. Last year, we were relegated due to a difficult situation, but there were changes in players and it will take time to build new players as many new players are recruited. In the process of training and practice games, mentally and physically. We are putting more emphasis on the enemy. You can clearly see that on the pitch, and I am confident that the players will be able to show it.” 안전놀이터

Coach Lee promised that he would do his best to win, but even when he failed, he would not give up until the end and show his best efforts. Seongnam football for the 2023 season is what coach Lee thinks of squeezing out the remaining strength to the end, rather than being lethargic even when producing bad results.

Coach Lee said, “I think what fans want most is victory. But I know that what we want to see most is to do our best on the pitch to the end no matter what the outcome is. I shared that with the players. The players will do their best to win first at the stadium this season, but even if there are bad results, we will never give up and prepare to show our best until the end.”

Finally, director Lee asked for fans’ support. It is an appeal to come to the stadium and raise your voice of support. Coach Lee said, “If you come and support the players with a louder voice when there is a difficult situation, I promise to show you that you do your best without giving up until the end. The players are also very tired from the first, second, and third training This is the situation. Thank you so much for coming to support and cheer us on. For today, the players have a good time with the fans, and with only a short time left in the season, we receive good energy and achieve the goal we want. I hope it will be a time to achieve it,” he said, talking about his determination to start the new season.