Coach Cho Sung-hwan “Yoon’s expression was relaxed”, Coach Yoon “We will try to score in the first half”

“We’ll try to score in the first half.” (Gangwon FC coach Yoon Jung-hwan) “Coach Yoon’s expression looks more relaxed than when he was with Ulsan Hyundai.” (Incheon Unity coach Cho Sung-hwan)

Incheon United and Gangwon FC will play the 20th round of the Hana OneQ K League 1 2023 at the Incheon Football Stadium on the 2nd. Incheon is in 9th place and Gangwon is in 11th place. Things are not looking good for both teams. Incheon hasn’t won in three games with two draws and a loss. Gangwon’s situation is even worse. They have three draws and six losses in their last nine games.

Incheon fielded all of their key players in the FA Cup in midweek, securing a comfortable 3-2 win over Suwon Samsung. Gangwon showed promise in a 1-1 draw with Suwon FC in the previous round of 19, which was the debut of head coach Yoon Jung-hwan. Yoon rested all of his key players from the FA Cup match against Pohang Steelers (a 1-2 loss) to prepare for this match.

Both teams brought out their best squads. Incheon’s spearhead is Chun Sung-hoon. After a spectacular comeback in the FA Cup with a multi-goal performance, Chun was named to the league starting lineup after 10 games. Incheon is flanked by Kim Boseok and Kim Min-seok. Hurrijin has Min Kyung-hyun Kim Do-hyuk Lee Myung-joo Kim Jun-yup. Oban-seok Kwon-jin and Kim Yeon-soo form the back three. Kim Dong-heon guards the goal. The foreign trio of Gerso, Hernandez, and Mpoku will start from the bench.

One player to watch for Gangwon is Lee Jung-hyeop. Lee scored his first goal of the season against Suwon FC. He will try to score in two consecutive games. He forms a trio with Kim Dae-won and Yang Hyun-joon. Hurrijin has Kang Ji-hoon, Lee Seung-won, Hankyung Kim, and Kim Jin-ho, while Yoon Seok-young, Kim Young-bin, and Lee Woong-hee form the back three. Yoo Sang-hoon will wear the goalkeeping gloves. Newly signed defender Tucci will make his debut from the bench.

Speaking before the game, coach Cho Sung-hwan said, “It’s a game that can make or break the gap with the mid-table teams. We will use the momentum of the FA Cup victory to produce a good result.” “After winning the last game against Daejeon, I thought we would play a good game against Seoul, but we didn’t. We made a strategic choice,” he said, adding, “Home games are as much about the result as the performance. It’s really hard to greet the fans after a loss. The players will try to make the result not to embarrass the fans.” Cho said, “Coach Yoon Jung-hwan’s expression was more relaxed than in Ulsan. I think he will lead the team well because he is an experienced coach, and we prepared on the premise that it will not be an easy game.”온라인카지노

“Through the FA Cup rotation, the players who started today had a lot of time to recover,” Yoon said, “and although the first game didn’t bring results, the players became more positive, and I think that will be important.” “In the last game, Dae-won and Hyun-joon played too far down the field, so there were many scenes where we allowed counterattacks right after a missed pass, and that needs to be corrected,” said Yoon. “As much as the players are confident, it’s important how we play the game. It seems like Incheon is trying to win the second half without all the foreign players, but if we can score in the first half if we have the chance, I think it will be the deciding factor. We have to be positive and do it.