‘Chung On Fire Again’ Hyeon Jung returns to the ATP Seoul Open!

 Will Jeong-hyeon (26) burn again?

The ATP Seoul Open Challenger 125 will be held for 7 days from the 24th (Mon) to the 30th (Sun) at the Olympic Tennis Stadium in Seoul Olympic Park. The singles round of 32 tournament will start on the 24th, and the doubles round of 16 tournament will be held from the 26th. The finals are the final day of the competition. This competition, which will be held as a 125k series, will give 125 ranking points to the winner. The total prize money is 160,000 dollars (approximately 210 million won).

In 2018, Jung Hyeon, a mainstay of Korean tennis, wrote history by advancing to the semifinals in the Australian Open singles. Jeong Hyeon’s semifinal success is the highest achievement by a Korean player in a major tournament. At that time,토토사이트 Jeong Hyeon left many stories. 

‘Chung On Fire’ was one of them. Jung Hyun wrote on the camera, “Chung Hyun is currently on fire (Chung Hyun is currently at his peak, Chung on fire)” and this became a hot topic. However, Jung-hyeon suffered a difficult time afterward due to a back injury and had to leave the court to recover. This tournament is the stage where we can see him again. 

On the 18th, Yoo Jin-seon, former coach of Uijeongbu City Hall, who served as the Seoul Open Challenger Tournament Director, announced on the 18th, “Jung Hyun received a wild card in the finals and it was decided to participate in both singles and doubles.” In particular, Jung Hyeon’s singles appearance is the first in about two years and seven months since the French Open qualifiers in September 2020. 

In addition, many stars such as Christopher Eubanks (USA, 84th) are expected to participate, and tennis fans are already paying attention. 

The tournament will be broadcast live on Genie TV (#125), LG U+ (#131), D’Live (#236), YouTube channels, and Naver Sports through STN Sports, a sports channel.