Chosun University freshman Kim Tae-joon, who showed off his scoring prowess, says he wants to “shed the underdog tag”

One by one, Chosun University’s freshmen stand out. This time, it’s Kim Tae-joon (180 cm, G).

Chosun University recruited nine freshmen this year. By selecting more freshmen than usual, they greatly increased the number of available players. With more resources comes more competition. Kang Yang-hyun, the head coach of Chosun University, is actively using the first-year players to gain experience. It’s a team that’s looking further ahead than the immediate future.

On the 13th, Chosun University faced Sangmyung University at home. Of the five players who started, four of them were freshmen except for Kim Jun-hyung, including Kim Tae-joon.

Kim had only seen the court briefly in two games until May. In May, he was on the bench every game, even though he was named in the starting lineup.

After starting against Yonsei on May 9 and playing 11:56 minutes, making only one three-pointer, Kim was given his second start against Sangmyung University.

Kim showed off his scoring prowess in the first quarter. He finished with 24 points, including four three-pointers, in 22 minutes and six seconds of action. This is the most points scored by a Chosun University player this season. The previous record was 22 points scored by Yoo Chang-seok against Chung-Ang University on March 30.

After the game, Kim Tae-joon said, “My position is between point guard and shooting guard,” adding, “My strength is my shooting, so I’m shooting confidently, and my dribbling isn’t bad, but it’s still not enough. My weakness is my defense, so I’m trying to work on it more and keep up.”

Kim Tae-joon, who only made his presence felt at the end of this season, said, “I took a year off last year because I had a bad year, so the coach gave me time to build my body because my body was ruined during the rest period, so I built my body enough. I ran more than 7 kilometers on the treadmill, and during team training, all I did was run. When we went to training camp, we didn’t play practice games, we went to the track and ran. I did cardio to lose weight and then I did weight training to build my body. Mentally, it was hard, but the manager and coach counseled me, and my teammates, including my brother Yoo Chang-seok, the captain, said, ‘It’s okay. You have a lot of time,’ so it wasn’t as hard as I thought,” he said.

When asked about his scoring prowess, Kim Tae-joon said, “I think my teammates tried to see my chances, and when I got the ball, I tried to be confident, and that’s what the manager and coach instructed me to do. I think I played confidently and the shot went in.” “We need to continue this trend. I will maximize my strengths and improve my weaknesses, and after talking with my teammates, I will play a game where I can win with my teammates.” He gave credit to his teammates and thought of the team first.

The game was seen as a chance for Chosun University to break out of a long losing streak. However, the team lost 78-101 to Sangmyung University after being dominated from the start.토토사이트

“We actually had a lot of hope that we could win,” said Kim Tae-joon, “but it was unfortunate that we gave up a lot of outside shots (15 three-pointers) on defense, and we should have taken advantage of the flow when it came to us, but then we made a play that broke the flow and we couldn’t continue to score.”

Chosun University has been giving a lot of playing time to its first-year players, including Koo Bon-jun (182 cm, G), Ko Hyun-min (185 cm, G), Hong Young-gyu (187 cm, F), and Choi Kyu-hyuk (196 cm, C). They have lived up to the expectations and shown promise. In addition, Kim Tae-joon has shown the scoring explosiveness to lead the team’s scoring after the graduation of Kim Hwan and Yoo Chang-seok. There is hope.

“Chosun University is an underdog, but I’ll do my best to get rid of the underdog label, and even though I’m only a freshman, I’ll lead the team well and play a winning game,” said Kim Tae-joon.