China-China Finals

If I were to choose one word that excites me the most in the world of competition, wouldn’t it be ‘final’? This two-syllable word combines the proud sense of achievement of surviving and overcoming many obstacles, as well as the spleen of breathing right in front of the final hurdle. In order to meet that thrilling and earnest moment, the winners usually endure all kinds of pain. ‘Winning’ is already just a term for awarding, not a game. 온라인카지노

Two Chinese knights, Yang Dingxin and Ding Hao, appeared on the final stage of this year’s LG Cup. The Korean article’s name is not visible. China’s victory was decided even before the final. However, Baduk is basically a match between individuals, and the winner changes every year, so it is not too much to be regretted. Even if you look at the past LG boats, there are 6 middle and middle finals and 9 cases where Korean knights compete for the championship.

Ding Hao, who took the choice by covering the stone, chose back. The winning rate is good enough to be considered a harbinger of good luck from sometime on. Up to 8 is a model paving stone that is in vogue these days. With 10, it can be blocked from the other side and placed as a reference map. 14 is a golden point that threatens the foundations of the black side of the lower right while taking root in the riverside. Did black respond right away here, or would he turn his hand around and go elsewhere?