Cheerleader Bae Su-hyeon, a living witness of Incheon baseball, “The player I was rooting for became a coach”

There is a cheerleader who has kept the same cheering podium for 21 years.

Bae Soo-hyun is a cheerleader who has been active since SSG’s predecessor SK, and is decorating a page in Incheon baseball history by overcoming hearing impairment.

Reporter Moon Young-gyu covered the story.


There are some things in literature that do not change even if the river and mountains change twice.

The motive for joining is Song Eun-beom, a rookie in SK, and Bae Su-hyun, a cheerleader who has supported SSG coach Kim Won-hyung since his active days. [Soundbite] Bae Soo-hyeon/SSG Cheerleader : “There was a time when coach (Kim Won-hyeong) was active, and I cheered for him. Now that the player is the coach, I’m still cheering for


A tough job where you have to run and change clothes.

Debuting as a basketball cheerleader in 2002, the secret to a long run so far is thorough self-management, enough to win a pro card from the International Bodybuilding Federation.

[Soundbite] Bae Soo-hyeon/SSG Cheerleader : “I have a strong desire to compete, so I have to show myself. I exercised with a more severe program with the idea that even a cheerleader can do this much.”] In addition, she overcame a hearing impairment that left her almost deaf in one ear

. .

As the longest-serving cheerleader at the age of 40, he is a good role model for his peers and a literary icon for his fans.토스카지노

[Mok Na-gyeong/Cheerleader Team Leader: “It’s a position I can’t dare to evaluate. I’m the team leader, but he’s the kind of senior I always want to emulate.”] [Ahn Jung-hoon/SSG Fan: “It’s no exaggeration to say that I’ve been through the joys and sorrows

together like a player. (Permanently) I think it will be a symbol that will not be a waste even if I give up.”]

From SK’s first championship in 2007 to 2018 and SSG’s first championship last year. It is called another witness as it has always been together in the history of Incheon baseball.

[Soundbite] Bae Soo-hyeon/SSG Cheerleader : “(Incheon baseball?) In a word, it is youth. It’s all because I spent almost half of my life like this…”] This is Moon Yeong-gyu of KBS News