“Casemir Party? There are stronger players in the EPL…” Testimony from former SON colleague

Reporter Park Jae-ho = Who is the best defensive midfielder in the English Premier League (EPL) chosen by Son Heung-min’s old Tottenham colleague Kieran Trippier (Newcastle)?

On the 8th (Korean time), Rio Ferdinand had a heated discussion with Trippier through his YouTube channel ‘Rio Ferdinand Present Five’.

Ferdinand asked, “Who would you choose between Thomas Party (Arsenal) and Declan Rice (West Ham), the best defensive midfielders in the EPL?”

Trippier then stuck out his tongue and replied, “Rice is so unbelievable.” “Have you seen the recent match between West Ham and our Newcastle? Intelligence, performance, strength, and the way they lead the game are all great,” he said. At the same time, he repeatedly praised him as “probably one of the best current defensive midfielders.”

Rice, who is considered the best on the EPL stage, is considered an ideal player who has everything a defensive midfielder needs, from excellent football intelligence, defense, judgment and passing. Because of this, several big clubs continue to look for opportunities to take him. 바카라사이트

“How does it compare to Casemiro?” asked Ferdinand again. Trippier replied, “Casemiro has had a great career. He has won the league, the UEFA Champions League (UCL) numerous times. He is truly world class. But at this point Rice is the best.”

Trippier and Rice work together as a defensive midfielder and right fullback in the England national team, respectively. In the 2022 International Football Federation Qatar World Cup, they also played three group matches together.

“You know that because you were a defender and you played with Michael Carrick,” Trippier told Ferdinand.