‘Bundesliga’ Ja-cheol Koo sees Klins Man-ho, “You have to trust and wait”

Koo Ja-cheol, “The national team uniform comes with pride and responsibility”
Rich German experience… “I have expectations that only Cleans will do well”
“It is important to trust and wait”

Koo Ja-cheol (34, Jeju United) welcomed his third World Cup in the relay box. The national team history of 76 A matches, two World Cup appearances, and the Qatar league experience were put into the microphone.

Koo Ja-cheol recently met with E-Daily and said, “I think this World Cup was a tournament where Korea once again made the people happy with soccer.” 안전놀이터

There was also a trend in modern football that caught my eye. Koo Ja-cheol cited balance as the background for the opponent’s weak team. He analyzed, “I saw that when a weak team faced a strong team, the gap between offense and defense was very narrow and importance was placed on defensive balance.” “The defensive position was not high, and there were many times when it was very low,” he added. “I think it was a key point for weak teams to succeed in the World Cup.”

Korea, which reached the round of 16 for the first time in 12 years, stood on a new starting line after the journey it had been running while looking at the World Cup in Qatar. He anchored with coach Jürgen Klinsmann (59), a legendary German striker. What kind of mindset should players who are about to start another start have?

Koo Ja-cheol said, “Wearing the national team uniform itself is a very special thing. That’s why I think that every time I play in the national team uniform, I feel a sense of pride and responsibility.” In addition, he stressed, “If you keep having that kind of mind, there will be no shaking.”

Korea, led by coach Klinsman, completed the A-match schedule in March. They drew with Colombia and lost to Uruguay. Although the first victory was delayed, it was enough to expect the attacking football that coach Klinsman professed.

Koo Ja-cheol, who has been on the German stage for about 8 years and 6 months, said, “First of all, it is very nice to have coach Klinsman lead the national team, and I think he will fit well with the players.” He said, “Our national team has a lot of players playing in Europe,” and “the national team is also a place with a culture that is completely absent in the K-League.

Koo Ja-cheol said, “From a certain moment, I think that the national team is a team that is more suited to football of a foreign culture than football of a Korean culture.” He pictured a bright future.

Initially, when the appointment of manager Klinsman was announced, the media and fans first expressed their concerns. The break in his career, his travels in the past, and the insufficiency of the appointment process of the Korea Football Association accumulated. After the World Cup, there was a time when I wanted to reflect the opinions of the players, so my anxiety increased.

Koo Ja-cheol said, “I have just been appointed as a manager,” and “I think it is too soon to talk about that without seeing what kind of person Klinsman is.” He said, “A coach is not selected based on the opinions of the players,” and he said, “However, I believe that the association and the media know how important the players think about the national team coach and can participate in the selection process.”

On top of that, the sluggishness during the German coach Uli Stielike (69) reminded me of bitter memories. Koo Ja-cheol cautioned against over-generalization, saying, “Even from one brand, there are several soccer shoes with different functions.”

Lastly, Koo Ja-cheol emphasized the need for patience to wait for Klinsman, which has just announced its departure. He said, “I was given a long time of 3 years and 5 months by a foreign director who did not know much about Korea yet,” and asked, “It is important to trust and wait without doubt.”