‘BS No. 1 shakes off disgrace’ salary cut by 200 million won

For the rebound, the salary for the 2023 season of Oh Seung-hwan (41, Samsung), the “end plate king,” who fought a hundred battles, was set.

In a phone call with CBS Nocut News on the 19th, a Samsung official said, “This year, Oh Seung-hwan’s annual salary has been set at 1.4 billion won,” adding, “Additional options are included according to grades.” This is a 200 million won cut from last year’s annual salary of 1.6 billion won.

However, you can receive up to 1.7 billion won as an additional option (300 million won) according to your grades. A Samsung official explained, “The player entrusted the salary blank, but it was set according to the club’s own evaluation system.”

On the 11th, Oh Seung-hwan entrusted the club with an annual salary contract for the 2023 season. While fulfilling responsibility for the team’s performance that failed to advance to the postseason last year, he conveyed his intention to entrust the club with a blank salary in the sense of a white uniform for the individual and team rebound this season.

Seung-hwan Oh participated in 57 games last season, posting an average ERA of 3.32 with 6 wins, 2 losses, 2 holds, and 31 saves. Despite his age, he achieved decent results, such as ranking 4th in the save category. 메이저사이트

However, in July, it was particularly sluggish with 2 losses and an average ERA of 12.79. At this time, he struggled, such as recording three consecutive blown saves, and was unable to avoid the disgrace of being number one blown save (7).

Oh Seung-hwan challenges a new history with a rebound in the new season. He is on the verge of setting unprecedented records of 400 saves in the KBO and 500 saves in Korea, the U.S. and Japan. On the 10th, he departed early for Okinawa, Japan, where he was trained by the club, and is focusing on personal training.