Blanchfield, beat the former champ… “I want to become a UFC champion”

Shinsung Erin Blanchfield (23, USA) defeated former UFC women’s strawweight champion Jessica Andrade (31, Brazil) and demanded a title shot. 

On the 19th (hereinafter referred to as Korean time), in the UFC Fight Night: Andrade vs. Blanch Field main event held at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, 10th ranked UFC flyweight Blanchfield defeated 3rd ranked Andrade at 1:37 of the second round. He accepted surrender with Kid Choke. 

It was a performance worthy of aiming for the youngest female UFC champion. Andraji, a slugger with excellent wrestling skills, was expected to be a formidable challenge for grappler Blanchfield. However, Blanchfield outperformed Andra Gee in her hitting as well. 

Blanchfield used his 10cm reach advantage to attack Andrade’s face with jabs and straights from a distance. She briskly turns to her side when Andhraj pushes in, neutralizing her Andhraj’s attacks. She occasionally mixes up her clinch and bottom takedown, confusing her Andrade. 

Finally, Blanchfield knocked Andrade’s leg loose with a powerful one-two straight punch. However, Andraji was not intimidated and moved forward, wielding powerful hook combinations. In the process, her right hand hooks went straight to Blanch Field twice, but Blanch Field endured it unscathed. 

Even in the second round, Andraji, who was short on Richie, pushed hard to break her distance. Blanchfield took advantage of this, ducked her, caught her clinch, and then hooked her underleg to knock her opponent over. She did and she went right over to her side control. Andraji gave her back and tried to get up. 

It was what Blanchfield was aiming for. Blanchfield, who took control of Andrade’s back position, immediately locked his neck with a rear naked choke. He pinned Andraj down, first with a snug fit around his neck, followed by a hook with his leg. In the end, Andraji had no choice but to tap. 

A new challenger has emerged for the UFC women’s flyweight division. In an interview after the fight, Blanchfield demanded, “Give me the winner of the Shevchenko vs. Grasso match” and declared, “I will win the title and become the UFC champion.” 

Champion Valentina Shevchenko (34, Kyrgyzstan) is set to defend her 8th fight against Alexa Grasso (29, Mexico) on March 5. She dreams of becoming the youngest female UFC champion at Blanche Field at 23 years and 9 months  카지노사이트

. Rose Namajunas (30, USA), who became the UFC Women’s Strawweight Champion at the age of 25 years and 5 months, currently holds the record for her youngest ever champion. If Blanchfield becomes the champion in 1 year and 7 months, she sets a new record for Blanchefield for her. 

The match against Andraj was a good practice. “Andraji hits really hard, but she had a clinch for me, and she saw an opportunity to hang andri, so I tried it,” Blanchfield said. But next time she doesn’t want to be beaten this much,” she joked. 

Meanwhile, Jim Miller (39, USA), the ‘Man of Records’, set a record of his 41st appearance in the UFC, but was unfortunately defeated by Alexander Hernandez (30, USA). Miller hopes to complete UFC 300 fight 45 before retiring.