Baseball SSG to host ‘Phishing Prevention Day’ at Lotte Stadium on the 17th

SSG Landers announced today that it will host a “Phishing Prevention Day” with the Incheon Metropolitan City and the Incheon National Police Agency at its home game against the Lotte Giants on April 17.

The campaign was organized by the Incheon National Police Agency and SSG to educate fans visiting SSG Landers Field in Incheon on how to prevent ‘life-intimate crimes’ such as voice phishing and messenger phishing.

On this day, various event booths with the theme of ‘phishing crime prevention’ will be operated at the first base plaza.

There will be a ‘Memory Signature Ball’ booth that promises to prevent phishing crimes in order to create a safe Incheon, and a ‘Receipt Camera Photo Zone’ where visitors can click on a screen to instantly print photos of new crime types.

In addition, the Incheon Police Experience Zone will offer participation programs related to the police that are difficult to access on a daily basis, such as a traffic patrol car and a psy-car ride.

At the ‘Phishing Crime Prevention Prize Zone’, participants will have the opportunity to learn how to prevent crime through a game where they throw baseballs and hit targets, and receive various gifts from the Incheon National Police Agency, such as Podolli and Posuni dolls, through an on-site lottery.

Before the game, 1,000 baseball fans and police car silicone charms will be distributed at the first base plaza.토토사이트

Sigu and Sipo will be represented by the Incheon Metropolitan Police Department’s official mascots, Fodol and Posuni, and Incheon’s mascot, the spotted seal (Aini).