Balthazar’s ‘No Show’, where even Ronaldo would cry, did KBL look easy?… need disqualification

It was a ‘no show’ to the point where even Cristiano Ronaldo cried.

The 2022-23 season, renewed by the performance of Filipino players. The evaluation, which was full of question marks, has now become an exclamation mark, to the extent that as many as 7 out of 10 KBL clubs have Filipino quota players. But something happened that made all of this ridiculous. A loach muddied the river.

Seoul Samsung had nothing to do with the Philippine Quarter this season. William Navarro could not be recruited due to the failure to issue an LC (transfer agreement) from the Philippine Basketball Association, and Christian David could not play a single game and left without being rehabilitated.

did not lose hope Samsung, which worked hard to recruit the Filipino quota until the end, succeeded in signing a contract with national team big man Justin Baltazar. Although the arrival time was a little delayed, it was not a bad choice if you look at the future because you did not recruit after only looking at one season.

However, there was no news about Baltazar until the 1st, the deadline for player registration. And a day later, on the 2nd, Samsung delivered shocking news. It is said that Baltazar stopped contacting him and did not come to Korea.

A Samsung official said, “Balthazar should have arrived on the 1st according to the original plan. He is currently competing in a tournament in Dubai (with Dinamo Lebanon) and there is a deadline for player registration, so I hoped he would come as soon as possible. While we were coordinating the timing of entry through such conversation, a problem arose.” So he asked me to send the receipt, and from then on, we stopped contacting him. He kept trying to contact me and it didn’t work. I hoped. But even the agent in the US said they couldn’t reach me. It was absurd,” he said.

“After signing the contract, we made and sent documents related to visa issuance. We prepared everything the club could do by January 20th. If Balthazar had gone through the process for issuing a visa, he would have been kept as a record, but when he inquired at the embassy, ​​he said there was no such thing. From our point of view, we have no choice but to think that Balthazar had no will to come to Korea at all. That’s how it became a ‘no show’,” he added.

It is already the third Filipino quota recruiting failure. It would be a lie to say that Samsung is not even 1% responsible, but it would be too harsh to say that these tragedies are all their fault. A Samsung official said, “If you ask if there was an administrative mistake on our part regarding Balthazar, no. But if you’re looking at the wrong person, that’s… He said, lost for words.

As a result, Baltazar did not come and Samsung is looking into sanctions in this regard. The first is to raise the case of breach of contract to the finance committee. A Samsung official said, “According to KBL, it will be convened within a week or two. Our moves will change depending on the level of sanctions, but we have to keep an eye on it because there seems to be a possibility of losing our qualifications.”

Loss of qualification means permanent expulsion. It has not been decided yet, but Balthazar’s ‘no show’ is definitely subject to disqualification sanctions. This is a problem in which the reliability of the Asian quota between KBL and the Philippines has fallen significantly. It is also damaging to other players who have been active in the KBL and have positively changed the perception of Philippine basketball. There is no other way to properly sanction Balthazar other than disqualification.

However, there are not many ways to sanction outside of KBL. Usually, issues related to contracts with foreign players can be controlled by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA), but KBL’s Asian quota is different. Since the contract form itself is used in Korea, there is no reason to impose proper sanctions unless Baltazar does not come to Korea (Asian quota players have the same conditions as domestic players, including annual salary within the salary cap and qualification for the rookie award). The reason is that they are using the same contract). 토토사이트

A Samsung official said, “We have LC, but since it is until May 31, it is not easy to prevent Baltazar from leaving. If another country says that Baltazar will be recruited from June, they will confirm with us, but they say that just because they oppose it doesn’t mean they can’t transfer. You can find a way to sanction them, but the process becomes quite complicated. So, it is something to consider according to the results of the KBL Finance Committee.”

Finally, a Samsung official said, “From our point of view, we have no choice but to think that this issue was not even the least polite. Looking back at the past process, it seems that they had no intention of coming to us at all. It’s an unprofessional problem. The agent also apologized, saying it was nonsense. I have nothing to say right now,” he regretted.

Samsung suffered a series of hardships after the 2016-17 season. Baltazar’s ‘no show’ situation came as a big shock to them who were trying to stand up again. Even the 2022-23 season, which was supposed to start anew, is twisted from beginning to end. It’s going to be a terrible season for them in many ways.