Bae Sang-ho, who dreams of a low-rounder rebellion 

Success is not in the order of nomination. Will NC Dinos rookie outfielder Bae Bae Sang-ho spark a rebellion among the lower rounders? 

Bae Sang-ho, a left-handed left-handed outfielder, played as a leadoff for Gyeongbuk High School and participated in 55 high school games, recording a batting average of 3.2 (42 hits in 139 at-bats), 23 RBIs, 35 points and 18 stolen bases. He received NC’s 2nd 10th round selection in the 2023 rookie draft. 

An official from the club said, “Bae Sang-ho is an outfielder with all three elements, including attack, defense and run, and is a player with the ability to serve as the NC’s leadoff in the future.” Cho Young-hoon, hitting coach of the Futures, said, “My hitting mechanism is at a level higher than that of a high school rookie. If I just increase my strength, I will get much better.” 

Bae Sang-ho, who builds his body at the Futures Camp set up at Masan Stadium, said, “It’s a pity that I couldn’t go to the 1st team camp, but I’m learning hard here.” When asked about the difference between an amateur and a pro, he replied, “I entered the pro with a lot of expectations, but it seems to be very different. In particular, the training time is shorter than that of an amateur, but it seems to be of high quality. Baseball has become more fun.” .  스포츠토토

What are the advantages in your opinion? Bae Bae said, “I am confident in my ability to make contact and follow the ball.” Regarding the part that needs to be supplemented, he expressed satisfaction, saying, “I am not a home run hitter, but I want to increase my power and improve my concentration. 

Bae Sang-ho’s role model is Miami Marlins outfielder Jazz Chizom Jr. “Junior players are the trend in the major leagues these days,” he said, explaining the reason, “I really like his playing style. Despite his thin physique, he has excellent power.” Among the players in the team, he added, “I want to learn the fighting spirit and passion of senior Son Ah-seop at bat.” 

When asked about his goal for the first season of his professional debut, he said, “My goal is to go through a season without getting hurt too quickly. I want to record a batting average of . 300 and steal double digits.” 

Draft rankings do not guarantee success on the pro stage. There are players such as Kim Hyun-soo and Park Hae-min who wrote the legend of a foster player, and there are cases where, like Kim Hyun-jun of Samsung, he was nominated for a lower round and made his professional debut and was nominated for the rookie of the year. Bae Sang-ho is also a player with such ability. He, of course, should not forget that he has to work hard to succeed.