‘Bad luck’ Seoul FC to go unbeaten in 10 matches

With the A-Match period over, professional soccer’s K League is back to its normal schedule.

Gwangju FC, who are unbeaten and in third place in the league, will try to extend their unbeaten streak to 10 games tomorrow against FC Seoul, who have lost two matches this season.

Reporter Kim Jae-hyun reports.

▶ Sink: Lee Jung-hyo / Gwangju FC head coach / March 5 against Seoul

  • “I’m most upset that we lost to a team that plays like this. It’s also my fault because I didn’t get any results.”

The signs of bad blood were there from the first meeting.

In March, Gwangju faced Seoul for the first time this season, and despite dominating the game, were outnumbered and outplayed in a 0-2 defeat.

Coach Lee Jung-hyo’s post-match interview made headlines around the soccer world, and the controversy continued for a while with Seoul’s players and fans responding in kind.

The teams met again two months later in the 12th round.

Gwangju lost again, this time 1-3, while Seoul went on a pleasant winning streak against Gwangju and coach Lee Jung-hyo.카지노사이트

Since then, however, the two teams’ fortunes have been mixed.

Seoul, who were in contention for the top spot, added just four more wins in their next 17 games, slipping into a mid-table battle and losing their head coach.

Gwangju, on the other hand, have swept to 31 points with eight wins, seven draws and two defeats since their second straight loss to Seoul, and have leapfrogged Seoul to third place in the league after 29 rounds.

Gwangju and Seoul will now meet for the third time.

Sink: Lee Jung-hyo / Gwangju FC Head Coach / Immediately after the match against Ulsan on the 3rd

  • “It’s a two-week break, but we’ve prepared really well and the new coach, Kim Jin-gyu, has done a good job with the team, so we’ll analyze and prepare accordingly.”

All eyes will be on Gwangju to see if they can extend their unbeaten run to 10 games, with Seoul the only team they’ve lost to this season.