‘Average age 19.9 years old’ Expectations for the men’s table tennis team at Mirae Asset Securities

Mirae Asset Securities’ men’s table tennis team is reborn as a team that draws attention in the table tennis world with the recent appearance of young players such as Woo Hyung-gyu (21) and Oh Jun-seong (17). This season, the Korean Professional Table Tennis League (KTTL) Korea League men’s division has reached the postseason for two consecutive seasons, and recently won the men’s team event at the 69th National Men’s and Women’s Table Tennis Championships, threatening the Yanggang system of Samsung Life Insurance and the Armed Forces Sports Corps. are doing

The average age of Mirae Asset Securities, led by directors Kim Taek-su (53) and Oh Sang-eun (46), is only 19.9 years old. At the end of last year, Jung Young-sik (31), the oldest, switched to playing coach, and Kang Dong-soo (30) also transferred to the Korean Racing Association. The oldest member of the team is Kim Min-seok (23). Following Korea Racing Association – Armed Forces Sports Corps (25.6 years old) – Korea Water Resources Corporation (24.7 years old) – Korea Exchange (24.2 years old) – Samsung Life Insurance (22.9 years old) – Boram Hallelujah (21 years old) – KGC Ginseng Corporation (20.6 years old) Among the corporate clubs, they are the youngest.토스카지노

But it’s not just that he’s getting attention because he’s young. The growth trend was clear, with Oh Jun-seong, Woo Hyung-gyu, and Jang Seong-il (19) participating in the recent national team dispatch selection. In particular, Oh Joon-seong caused a stir when he was selected for the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games national team with 4th overall (6 wins, 1 loss, 13 points).

Mirae Asset Securities Young Guns led the team to the postseason by placing the team in 4th place (8 wins, 6 losses, 31 points) in KTTL this season. In singles, Park Gyu-hyeon (18) won the most wins in the team with 10 wins (6 losses), and in doubles, Woo Hyung-gyu contributed 4 wins (2 losses) with Jang Seong-il and Park Kyu-hyun. In the team finals of the individual championships, which Oh Jun-seong missed due to the WTT tournament schedule, Park Kyu-hyeon and Woo Hyeong-gyu won the championship thanks to Samsung Life Insurance Cho Dae-seong (21) and Cho Seung-min (25).

Naturally, Mirae Asset Securities itself is considered the future of the men’s national team. It is evaluated that the gap with seniors who are 3-4 years older has already narrowed considerably. Even playing coach Jung Young-sik said, “They are different,” and their growth is clear.

In a phone call with Sports Donga on the 13th, coach Oh Sang-eun said, “Our young players did better than expected in this tournament. I acknowledge my talent, but I couldn’t verify my skills and skills, so I was actually worried before the season.” The competitiveness we showed on the domestic stage must now be shown on the international stage,” he said.