area defense? Wake up like this… ‘Take it easy’ Monroe, ‘Take it easy’

 It showed how scary basketball is with the head.

Anyang KGC struggled against the defense of the Seoul SK area from the 3rd game of the championship match. It was not easy to break the drop zone defense that was modified in the 3-2 regional defense.

SK shook the KGC players by mixing the drop zone and man to man. When the opponent used a pattern that broke the area defense, I quickly switched to man-to-man.

Game 6 held on the 5th. KGC coach Kim Sang-sik made a change.

In the meantime, KGC had Omari Spellman as the first option and Daryl Monroe as the second option foreign player. In particular, Spellman is greedy for playing time. Since Kim Seung-gi’s days as coach, there were many cases where he ignored and played even if he was called to the bench.

The same goes for round 6. After trailing by 15 points at one point in the third quarter, manager Kim Sang-shik called for Spellman. But Spellman said he wanted to keep playing.

A minute or two passed. Director Kim Sang-sik put Monroe in. Since then, the game has changed.

First, Monroe effectively blocked Jameel Warney on defense. The team defense, which coach Kim Sang-sik ordered in advance, was also better than Spellman. Naturally, the power of Warney and Kim Sun-hyeong SK’s one-two punch decreased.

In the offense, he broke SK’s regional defense with a series of offensive rebounds, passes, and points. Monroe has a very good basketball IQ (BQ). He instructed the players on their location and broke the local defense.

After the match, I asked Monroe for his secret. Monroe said, “It was effective to move actively. I told the players to use the space. I ordered ‘If you are in this area, you will have a chance. Be confident’. I emphasized to the guards to be calm. I informed them that they could break the regional defense through . It is not difficult to break the regional defense. I thought it was easy.”토스카지노

Area defense is literally defense that blocks non-human areas. Not all spaces can be covered. There are areas of weakness.

Through movement, you can penetrate the space, which is the weakness of local defense, and break it if you pass in the right timing. Monroe put this into practice.

Unlike Spellman, Monroe has no personal greed. Even the domestic players, who were standing still when Spellman caught the ball, move diligently when Monroe comes in. Because I know the pass will come when I get a chance.

Monroe emphasized team play, saying, “Who scores the most points, which player has the best ability, these things are not important. It is important to win unconditionally.”