“A swing like that on a comeback opportunity?” The moment when saltpeter is more frustrated than defeated.

“There are moments when I’m more upset than when I lose.”

The opposing pitcher was exhausted. The game was 1-3. The bullpen went all out and finally tied the game in the bottom of the inning.

A double followed by a sacrifice bunt put the game out of reach. Kim Hyun-soo, the ‘6 Years, 115 Billion’ slugger, stepped up to the plate.

But with the count 1-1, he was hit by a fastball low to the body. His back gave way and he swung powerlessly, flying out to third base. Kim gritted his teeth, and LG manager Yeom Kyung-yeop in the dugout couldn’t hide his discomfort.

27th, Suwon KT Wiz Park. Facing his first five-game losing streak of the season, Yeom recalled three scenes from the previous day’s game. The failure to send Oh Ji-hwan to third base before the home run in the ninth inning, Kim Hyun-soo’s erratic swing at first base in the eighth inning, and Moon Bo-kyung’s throw to second base on Kim Sang-soo’s grounder to third base in the 12th inning.

“It wasn’t a ball that (Moon) should have caught, and (Oh) Ji-hwan should have come in and caught it and thrown it to first base,” Yeom sighed about the situation in the 12th inning. When the subject of Kim Hyun-soo’s hit came up, he sighed even more.

“I’d be really upset if he died before the second strike. It’s such a waste, with or without a runner on base. It’s such a passive hit, and with a runner on third base.”

“I kept telling him not to do that. When we were at our best, we didn’t have that kind of behavior.” “It’s not about hitting the ball. You can’t just think about getting the runner on third. The batter has to do his job to score. If you’re thinking about the runner on third instead of your own swing, that’s what you’re going to get.”메이저사이트

Due to rain cancellations before and after the All-Star break, LG only played four games in about three weeks. Yeom felt that the players’ concentration had been lost, so he held a pregame team meeting to get them back on track. “We didn’t play too much, and that’s the biggest problem right now,” he said.