A strong headwind in the’surprise pardon’… In fact, the ‘withdrawal’ procedure

Criticism is pouring down on the Korea Football Association for a surprise announcement of a match-fixing amnesty under the pretext of the World Cup round of 16. The association, which was hit hard, decided to reexamine this issue today (31st), and it is in fact an atmosphere that has entered the ‘withdrawal’ procedure.

This is Reporter Lee Jeong-chan.


Fans also turned their backs on the Football Association’s absurd act of pardoning those involved in match-fixing in the past. 바카라사이트

The Red Devils cheering squad demanded “total withdrawal” and issued a statement that “if the amnesty is enforced, they will refuse to support the national team game in the future.

[Kwon Dae-hyun/Daejeon Hana Citizen fan: If I knew the results of the Qatar World Cup would go in this direction, I would not have cheered for the Qatar World Cup. I don’t think match-fixing is an incident that ended in

2011. ]

Two days after the announcement, the association effectively went through the process of withdrawing. The association announced yesterday that “a lot of concerns have been raised about this resolution, so we decided to hold a temporary board meeting this afternoon to reexamine this issue. ” It is pointed out that

the additional clarification materials submitted by the association are not convincing.

It is said that Chairman Mong-gyu Chung exercised the right to pardon in accordance with the rules of the Association’s Fair Committee, but ‘in the case of match-fixing, the purpose of the revision of the Korea Sports Council in October 2020, which stipulates that reduction is impossible when determining the level of disciplinary action, is not reflected at all.

In addition, although the Professional Football Federation expressed concerns about the pardon, it is known that it was decided without sufficient discussion and voting at the board of directors. And questions are coming out.