A new ecosystem for billiards… ‘2023 KBF Division League’ kicks off on July 27th

A new ecosystem that encompasses professionals and everyday athletes will be built.

“The 2023 KBF Division League, the cornerstone of creating a new billiards ecosystem, will open simultaneously in 17 provinces across the country on the 27th,” the Korean Billiards Federation said on Saturday.

The division league is organized by the Korea Billiards Federation, hosted by the Korea Sports Council, and sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Sports Promotion Agency. 850 teams and nearly 8,000 players from 17 provinces across the country will take part in the seven-month campaign every weekend.

The division leagues operate on a promotion and relegation system based on performance, from the D5 League at the city and county level to the D1 League at the national level. Last year, the winners of each of the 100 Carom D5 leagues were promoted to the Carom D4 league, and the winners of each of the 23 Carom D4 leagues were promoted to the Carom D3 league.

The Pokémon D3 League, which is being piloted for the first time this year, has a different team format than the other leagues. While teams will still be able to register a minimum of three players and a maximum of five, they will be required to include one female professional or recreational athlete.

This shows that the D3 League is unique in that it brings together professional and recreational athletes. With players like Seo Seo-ah and Kwon Ho-joon in the top 10 of the domestic pool rankings, the D3 League is expected to be a high-level division.

Along with the D3 League, the Korea Billiards Federation also launched the Carom D5 Beginner League this year for players with a carom score of 19 or less. This greatly expands the scope of the league by allowing people who are new to billiards to participate.토토사이트

Kim Bong-soo, Division General Manager of the Korean Billiard Federation, said, “My biggest wish is that all players participating in the KBF Division League will be responsible and have fun playing billiards.” He added, “Especially carom and pocket specialists participating in the D3 league, I ask them to approach the league with a sense of mission and calling. The division leagues will show the way forward for billiards,” he said.