A history that may disappear… Man City’s ‘overwhelming win by 19 points’

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Becoming English Premier League (EPL) champions is simply ‘everything’ anyway, but some teams have done it in a more convincing way than others. Most had to fight for trophies in the final weeks, matches and even minutes.

‘Four Four Two’ will reveal the team with the most points difference from the runner-up to determine the most convincing EPL title.

*The points difference and goal difference in the rankings are based on the difference from second place.

10th Leicester City (2015-16, 10 points, +3 goal difference)

This may have been the most sensational title win in English football history, but it has also been one of the most comfortable. It didn’t seem like that at the time, but Tottenham Hotspur’s second-half collapse allowed Leicester to top the table by 10 points.

Coach Claudio Ranieri’s men went on to win five consecutive clean sheets in March and April, defeating the imaginary foes that surrounded them.

9th Manchester United (1992-93, 10 points difference, +19 goal difference)

Manchester United have dropped to 10th after losing to Aston Villa in November. Hopes of winning their first league title under Sir Alex Ferguson seemed over. However, after recruiting Eric Cantona from Leeds United, they lost only 2 of their remaining 27 matches (20 wins, 5 draws).

Second-placed Norwich City have fallen away, while third-placed Villa have lost their last three matches. Manchester United won an overwhelming first place in the first campaign after the EPL was founded.

8th Manchester United (2000-01, 10 points, +23 goal difference)

Manchester United won the title again in 2000-01 by 10 points. At the time, they had the league’s best offensive and defensive records (79 points scored, 31 allowed). Arsenal, runners-up, could hardly keep pace with United if they hadn’t fallen to Derby County, Southampton and Tottenham in their last three matches.

Sir Ferguson must have been frustrated by his team’s slacking off, but they did well in the league and won three consecutive EPL titles.

7th Arsenal (2003-04 season, 11 points difference, goal difference +10)

EPL legend. The ‘Invincibles’ Arsenal are still by far the best team in the division despite drawing about a third of the 2003-04 season. That’s also proven by the numbers: Arsene Wenger’s players have amassed 11 points more than second-placed Chelsea.

Arsenal also made history brighter by scoring the most goals and conceding the least (73 goals, 26 goals) that season. Chelsea had to lament mistakes that could have been avoided in matches against lower teams like Everton, Blackburn Rovers and Leeds.

6th place Manchester United (2012-13 season, 11 points difference, goal difference +11)

appeared again. Although United’s 2012-13 season has been described as one of the weakest in Ferguson’s tenure, they nonetheless produced the sixth-largest gap of all time.

Amidst Robin van Persie’s performance, United bombed 86 goals, the most of the season. This was enough offensive power to shake off the pursuit even though Manchester United conceded more goals than Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal.

5th Chelsea (2004-05, 12 points, +6 goal difference)

Jose Mourinho’s first season at Chelsea is often referred to as one of the best in EPL history, but it still feels underrated. They lost just one game and still only conceded 15 points, the minimum EPL score. It’s an absurdly good record that other teams haven’t even come close to.

Despite scoring 15 more goals than Chelsea, Arsenal had to settle for second place, 12 points behind the champions.

4th Manchester City (2020-21 season, 12 points, +22 goal difference)

Manchester City won the 2020-21 trophy without much competition. ‘Neighbors’ Manchester United were the closest challengers, but despite coming out on top in January, they looked nowhere near as likely to claim the league title. 슬롯사이트

Liverpool suffered after a great season before, and fans still haven’t returned to the pitch. Man City asserted their rightful dominance over a dismal league with the most goals scored and fewest conceded (83 goals, 32 conceded).

3rd Liverpool (2019-20 season, 18 points, -15 goal difference)

Liverpool’s only EPL title was one of the most dominant. Their incredibly tight-knit team, under manager Jurgen Klopp, swept all opponents with ease and comfort. Despite the Liverpool blast of 99 points, ‘Captain’ Jordan Henderson had to lift the trophy at Anfield, where fans did not attend because of the Corona 19 pandemic.

Interestingly, while Manchester City posted an incredible 102 goals that season, they have not been able to maintain that level of attack throughout the season. They’ve taken their knees nine times compared to just three times Liverpool have lost.

2nd place Manchester United (1999-00, 18 points difference, +22 goal difference)

Given that it was the campaign following the season in which they achieved the Premier League’s only treble, it was almost impossible for United to surpass 1998-99. However, they have definitely become a better team in the EPL as they won the title by 18 points this season.

Ferguson’s men displayed ruthlessness, cutting through the opponent’s goal 97 times, and scoring four or more goals on 10 occasions. 2nd place Arsenal couldn’t even come close to their majesty.

1st Manchester City (2017-18 season, 19 points difference, goal difference +39)

Manchester City has the most points (100 points), most wins (32 wins), most goals (106 goals), most goal difference (+79) in the 2017-18 season , the most consecutive wins (18 consecutive wins), and the most points difference (19 points).

Pep Guardiola’s charge was a sensation throughout the season and dominated the league on a level never seen before. The odds of Manchester City lifting the trophy this season aren’t high, but we’ll try our best not to miss these historic records.