‘170 km per hour non-direct ball’, thrown with Ohtani, anticipation of Angels fans exploded

 Prospect Ben Joyce, who threw the fastest ball in American college baseball history, will join the major league spring camp sooner than expected. Expectations are already exploding in the meeting between Joyce and Shohei Ohtani, a minor league under the Los Angeles Angels.

The American Athletic reported on the 5th (Korean time) that the Angels are inviting Joyce to the major league spring camp. When Joyce was a student at the University of Tennessee, he made headlines by throwing a fiery fastball that reached 105.5 miles per hour and reached about 170 km. It was a new record for the highest pitch in American college baseball. The average speed was 101 miles and about 162.6 km.

The Angels, fascinated by Joyce’s speed, invested him with a third-round draft pick. The Angels said, “He is a large prospect. He has excellent pitches. With a few changes, I think he will be able to pitch more effectively instead of throwing with all his might.”

However, MLB Pipeline and Baseball America, which specialize in evaluating prospects, also questioned his durability. He once stopped playing baseball due to pain in his growth plate as he suddenly grew taller. In 2020 he underwent Tommy John surgery.

The answer is that only he can make it. At the time of the nomination, Joyce told the LA Times, “I have no doubts. I’m ready to see how much my body can do. I’m not worried about my body.” 토토사이트

It is not uncommon for a player who has just been named and has been in the pro for less than a year to be invited to a major league camp. It should be seen that Joyce’s restraint led to the ‘jumping’.

The Athletic explained, “Perry Minassian, general manager, is envisioning a bigger spring camp than before. As a result, more prospects will attend the camp.” It is expected that promising players will enter the positions where key players are missing due to the influence of the WBC (World Baseball Classic) to be held next month.

For the Angels, Ohtani is a representative player. Dan Ohtani also plans to train at the Angels camp until February and pitch in exhibition games. Angels fans are drawing a scene where Joyce and Ohtani, a pitcher with a 170 km/h involuntary ball, train together.