124 win legend “Kim Min-woo is the ace? Nothing has changed from last year”

Jung Min-tae, sports commentator, is a legend with 124 wins (96 losses) during his active career.

He has worked as a pitching coach at Hanwha for six years and is a commentator who has a better understanding of Hanwha pitchers than anyone else.

Such Commissioner Jeong criticized Min-woo Kim, a native Hanwha ace. The reason was that “nothing has changed from last year”.

Commissioner Jung pointed out Kim Min-woo’s pitching form in a column published last year in MK Sports.안전놀이터

In September of last year, he already wrote a column titled ‘Kim Min-woo’s pitching form is changing’. It was also confirmed that Kim Min-woo’s pitching form has already changed a lot in this game. The most problematic part is the arm swing part when pitching. The elbows are so stretched in the motion that they should be folded that they feel stiff like a log.

As a result, not only did the overall speed and pitch fall, but the pitch was shaken and a lot of highballs came out. I think the scene where he was hit with a home run by Han Dong-hee was for that reason.

Kim Min-woo’s pitching on this day was generally less powerful than his fastball. He was originally a player with a maximum speed of 140 km / h in the mid to late 150 km / h range, but in the game that day, 145 km / h came out only once, and most of it was around 142 ~ 3 km / h.

Kim Min-woo started the match against SSG held at Daejeon Hanwha Life Insurance Eagles Park on the 21st and recorded 4 hits, 2 walks, 2 strikeouts and 2 runs in 3 innings.

It’s hard to say that the record was very bad, but it was a game with poor content.

In three innings, the number of pitches was as high as 67. He averaged 1.5 times as many pitches as 15 per inning was ideal.

On this day, Commissioner Jeong also said, “Compared to last year, I don’t see any improvement. Because his pitching form is shaking, his pitching is also shaking at the same time. That’s why the number of pitches is getting too high. If you want to become a native ace, you need to fix this part. It is difficult to see him as a good pitcher,” he said bitterly.

In fact, the average speed of Kim Min-woo’s fastball stayed in the 140km/h range on this day as well.

Commissioner Jeong said, “I am a player who can throw a faster ball, but the speed does not come out. I think it’s a pitching form issue. He’s such a good splitter and curveball player that he’s barely holding on, but he’s definitely capable of more than that. It is unfortunate that there is no progress,” he explained.

Kim Min-woo is a player who has to serve as the team’s native ace. When he plays an active role as a 2nd starting pitcher, the team can receive strength.

However, his appearance so far has not lived up to expectations. In the eyes of his old teacher, Commissioner Jeong Min-tae, it seems to be more regrettable.

Kim Min-woo is a player whose pitching form has been pointed out as a problem. Commissioner Jeong’s point also starts from that point.

Will Kim Min-woo be able to find his form when he was good before the season starts? If this doesn’t go smoothly, there’s a good chance he’ll have ups and downs throughout the season.